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What is Dive

Dive enhances the landscape of remote and hybrid team collaboration with its AI-powered software tailored to optimize one-on-one meetings. Dive enhances these interactions into dynamic sessions that drive team success.

Its intuitive features automate meeting preparation, providing tailored suggestions for icebreakers and conversation starters, while real-time AI insights ensure focused discussions by transcribing meetings and highlighting key points.

Additionally, Dive streamlines post-meeting tasks by automatically summarizing decisions, assigning action items, and tracking progress, fostering accountability and momentum.

Users of Dive span remote and hybrid teams across all industries, seeking to enhance the efficacy of their one-on-one interactions.

From managers and team leaders striving to cultivate a positive meeting culture to individuals aiming for more meaningful conversations, Dive empowers its users to foster engagement, collaboration, and productivity in their meetings, ultimately saving time and streamlining workflows for greater organizational efficiency.

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Dive Plans and Pricing

Dive’s pricing is designed to accommodate various business sizes, including startups and growing enterprises. It offers three flexible plans: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. To explore both monthly and annual pricing options, simply click on the button below.

Dive Use Cases

Unlock the full potential of your remote and hybrid team collaboration with Dive. From seamless client consultations to impactful performance reviews, Dive empowers organizations with tailored solutions for optimizing every aspect of one-on-one meetings.
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Enhanced Team Collaboration: Dive facilitates seamless collaboration among remote and hybrid teams by optimizing one-on-one meetings. Teams can leverage Dive to foster meaningful connections and drive success through focused discussions and real-time insights.

Effective Managerial Communication: Managers and team leaders can utilize Dive to conduct productive one-on-one meetings with their team members. Dive’s automatic meeting preparation and AI insights ensure that these interactions are efficient and impactful, leading to improved teamwork and collaboration.

Client Consultations and Feedback Sessions: Professionals such as consultants and service providers can utilize Dive for client consultations and feedback sessions. By leveraging Dive’s features like automatic note-taking and real-time insights, they can ensure that these meetings are well-documented and result-oriented, ultimately enhancing client satisfaction.

Performance Reviews and Coaching Sessions: Dive can be instrumental in conducting performance reviews and coaching sessions. Its ability to automatically summarize key decisions and track progress allows managers and coaches to provide actionable feedback and support, leading to personal and professional growth for team members.

Interviews and Candidate Assessments: HR professionals and hiring managers can streamline their interview processes using Dive. By leveraging its features for automatic meeting preparation and real-time insights, they can conduct more engaging and informative interviews, leading to better candidate assessments and hiring decisions.

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Who is Dive ideal for

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Remote and Hybrid Teams: Dive is tailored for remote and hybrid teams seeking to optimize their one-on-one meetings. Whether you’re collaborating across different time zones or transitioning to a hybrid work model, Dive ensures seamless communication and engagement, fostering team cohesion and success.

Team Managers and Leaders: Ideal for team managers and leaders, Dive provides a powerful platform for conducting productive and impactful one-on-one meetings. With features like automatic meeting preparation and real-time AI insights, Dive empowers managers to drive team performance and accountability effectively.

Consultants and Service Providers: Dive caters to consultants and service providers looking to enhance client interactions and feedback sessions. By leveraging Dive’s features for automatic note-taking and recording, consultants can deliver value-added services while maintaining a professional and organized approach to client communication.

HR Professionals and Recruiters: Dive is perfect for HR professionals and recruiters managing interviews and candidate assessments. Its capabilities for streamlining meeting preparation and generating actionable insights enable recruiters to conduct efficient and insightful interviews, ultimately improving the hiring process and candidate experience.

Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs: Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs can benefit from Dive’s user-friendly platform for conducting impactful one-on-one meetings. Whether you’re a startup founder or a freelancer, Dive empowers you to build meaningful connections and drive business growth through focused and efficient meetings.

Key Features

  • tick-markAutomatic Meeting Preparation
  • tick-markReal-Time AI Insights
  • tick-markStreamlined Action Item Tracking
  • tick-markCustomizable Templates
  • tick-markSecure Data Transfer
  • tick-markIntuitive User Interface
  • tick-markNoise Cancellation
  • tick-markCross-Platform Compatibility
  • tick-markTeam Collaboration Tools
  • tick-markData Visualization Capabilities

Dive alternatives and competitors

If you’re seeking alternatives to Dive or want to explore similar options, here are some compelling choices:
Lifetime access to Dive

Fireflies: Fireflies offers AI-powered meeting transcription and analysis, helping teams capture and organize meeting insights effectively.

Airgram: Airgram specializes in facilitating virtual meetings with intuitive features for seamless collaboration and communication among remote teams.

Krisp: Krisp provides noise cancellation technology for clear audio during virtual meetings, ensuring distractions are minimized for productive discussions.

Avoma: Avoma offers comprehensive meeting analytics and automation, empowering teams to optimize their meeting workflows and drive actionable insights.

Fathom: Fathom delivers advanced data visualization and analytics capabilities, enabling teams to derive valuable insights from their meeting data and make informed decisions.


These Dive alternatives provide diverse solutions for enhancing remote team collaboration and meeting effectiveness, catering to various needs and preferences within the virtual workspace.

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