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What is Allo

Allo is a project management software designed to redefine how teams collaborate, organize, and execute their projects seamlessly. Offering a holistic solution, Allo empowers teams to enhance productivity and achieve project success from inception to completion.

Allo introduces a revolutionary approach to OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), transforming the way companies set, communicate, and achieve their goals. The Allo OKR platform is designed to make the OKR process more visual, engaging, and connected, catering to everyone in the organization from top-level executives to individual contributors.

One standout feature of Allo is its intuitive user interface, making it easy for teams to navigate and use the platform effectively. Unlike traditional project management tools, Allo is committed to offering a visually appealing and user-friendly experience, ensuring that project management becomes a collaborative and enjoyable endeavor.


Allo Plans and Pricing

Allo’s pricing is designed to meet the needs of diverse teams, from startups to established enterprises. For detailed information on monthly and annual pricing, simply click the button below to find the perfect plan that aligns with your project management requirements.

Allo Use Cases

From visual task tracking to seamless client collaboration, Allo offers a comprehensive solution for teams seeking efficient, collaborative, and secure project management. Explore the versatile world of Allo with use cases designed to transform project management.

Streamlined Project Collaboration: Allo is your go-to solution for fostering seamless collaboration within your project teams. Whether your team is working in the same office or spread across different locations, Allo ensures efficient project coordination by providing a centralized space for communication, task management, and file sharing. It’s the ideal tool to keep everyone on the same page, ensuring that project goals are achieved with precision.

Visual Task Progress Tracking: Visualize your project’s journey with Allo’s intuitive task progress tracking feature. Easily monitor the status of tasks, milestones, and deadlines through visual representations, allowing teams to quickly identify bottlenecks and celebrate achievements. This feature is particularly beneficial for project managers and team leads to gauge project health at a glance.

Real-Time Collaboration on Documents: Allo transforms document collaboration by enabling real-time editing and commenting. Team members can collaborate seamlessly on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, ensuring that everyone’s input is captured effortlessly. This functionality is especially valuable for content creators, writers, and teams working on shared documents.

Efficient Resource Allocation: Allocate resources with precision using Allo’s resource management tools. Plan and assign tasks based on team members’ skills and availability, ensuring optimal resource utilization. This feature is particularly useful for project managers and team leads who want to ensure that the right people are assigned to the right tasks.

Agile Sprint Planning: For teams following agile methodologies, Allo offers a tailored solution for sprint planning. Easily create and manage sprints, allocate user stories, and track progress in a visual and organized manner. This feature enhances the agility of development teams, making sprint planning a collaborative and efficient process.

Who is Allo ideal for

Project Managers and Teams: Allo caters to the needs of project managers and teams seeking streamlined collaboration and efficient project management. With features like visual task tracking, real-time document collaboration, and resource allocation tools, Allo enhances project coordination and productivity.

Agile Development Teams: For agile development teams, Allo provides a tailored solution for sprint planning, user story management, and progress tracking. This ensures that development processes are agile, collaborative, and visually organized, making Allo an essential tool for software development projects.

Creative Agencies and Design Teams: Creative agencies and design teams benefit from Allo’s secure platform for client collaboration and feedback. With the ability to share project updates, prototypes, and designs securely, Allo streamlines communication and ensures creative projects meet client expectations efficiently.

Freelancers in Project Management: Allo is an ideal fit for freelancers managing projects independently. With its user-friendly interface and integrated time tracking, freelancers can efficiently organize tasks, track project timelines, and provide a high level of transparency to clients without the need for extensive resources.

Startups with Lean Teams: Non-techy startup founders with lean teams find Allo to be the perfect solution for quick and efficient project management. Offering more control over tech without the need for an in-house developer, Allo empowers startup founders to manage projects effectively and with the flexibility they need.

Key Features

  • tick-markVisual Task Progress Tracking
  • tick-markReal-Time Document Collaboration
  • tick-markResource Allocation Tools
  • tick-markAgile Sprint Planning
  • tick-markSecure Client Collaboration
  • tick-markIntegrated Time Tracking
  • tick-markVisualized Project Workflows
  • tick-markEfficient Bug Finding and Support
  • tick-markAutomatic Meeting Note Taking
  • tick-markData Security Priority

Allo alternatives and competitors

If you’re eager to explore alternatives to Allo or seeking a project management solution with different features, here are some noteworthy options to consider:
Lifetime Access to Allo
Allo is a robust project management platform that excels in visualizing workflows and collaboration. With its intuitive interface and customizable boards, it’s a compelling choice for teams looking to streamline project coordination and enhance collaboration.

Asana: Asana is a well-established player in the project management space, offering a versatile platform for task management, project tracking, and team collaboration. With features like timeline views and task dependencies, Asana is ideal for teams looking for a comprehensive project management solution.

Trello: Trello stands out for its visual and flexible approach to project organization. Using boards, lists, and cards, Trello allows teams to organize tasks and projects in a way that suits their unique workflows. It’s an excellent choice for those who prefer a more visual project management style.

ClickUp: ClickUp is an all-in-one project management solution offering a wide range of features, from task management to goal tracking. With customizable views, automation, and integrations, ClickUp provides a comprehensive platform for teams looking to manage projects, tasks, and goals in a unified environment.

Wrike: Wrike is known for its advanced project planning and collaboration features. With interactive Gantt charts, resource management, and time tracking, Wrike is suitable for teams seeking a more sophisticated project management solution. It caters to a range of industries and project complexities.


Before making your decision, it’s essential to evaluate the specific needs of your team and the features offered by each alternative. Whether you prioritize visual workflows, comprehensive project planning, or all-in-one solutions, these alternatives to Allo provide diverse options for effective project management.

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