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What is Automa

Automa is a browser extension designed for automating a wide range of tasks directly within your browser.

It enables users to automate processes such as filling out forms, performing repetitive tasks, taking screenshots, and scraping data from websites.

Automa offers a user-friendly interface where users can create and customize workflows by connecting different blocks, set triggers for automated actions, and even use or share workflows from the community marketplace.

It is an essential tool for anyone looking to streamline their online activities and improve efficiency.

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Automa Plans and Pricing

Automa’s pricing is tailored to meet the needs of startups and growing agencies. To explore both monthly and annual pricing options, simply click on the button below.

Automa Use Cases

Automa revolutionizes browser-based productivity with seamless automation, empowering users to effortlessly streamline tasks like form filling, data extraction, and repetitive processes, enhancing efficiency and unleashing newfound productivity.
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Form Filling and Submission: Automatically fill out online forms and submit them with ease using Automa. Ideal for repetitive form-filling tasks such as job applications, online registrations, and survey submissions.

Web Scraping and Data Extraction: Streamline data extraction from websites by automating the process with Automa. Extract valuable information such as pricing data, product details, and contact information from web pages effortlessly.

Repetitive Task Automation: Automate repetitive tasks such as email processing, file downloading, and content scraping with Automa. Save time and increase productivity by letting Automa handle routine tasks for you.

Screenshots and Visual Documentation: Capture screenshots of web pages and create visual documentation quickly with Automa. Perfect for creating tutorials, documenting web designs, and sharing visual feedback with colleagues.

Workflow Customization and Sharing: Create and customize workflows tailored to your specific needs with Automa’s user-friendly interface. Share workflows with teammates or access pre-built workflows from the community marketplace to streamline your online activities.

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Who is Automa ideal for

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Digital Marketers and Agencies: Tailored for digital marketers and agencies, Automa provides a powerful browser extension to automate a wide range of tasks, from data extraction to form filling, streamlining workflows and boosting productivity in marketing campaigns.

Sales Professionals: Ideal for sales professionals, Automa simplifies repetitive tasks such as lead generation, email outreach, and CRM management, enabling sales teams to focus on building relationships and closing deals without getting bogged down by manual processes.

Data Analysts and Researchers: For data analysts and researchers, Automa offers an efficient solution for web scraping, data extraction, and report generation, facilitating the collection and analysis of large datasets with ease and accuracy.

Freelancers and Solopreneurs: Perfect for freelancers and solopreneurs, Automa empowers individuals to automate mundane tasks, such as invoicing, social media management, and website maintenance, allowing them to focus on delivering high-quality services and growing their businesses.

E-commerce Businesses: Suited for e-commerce businesses, Automa streamlines product listing, inventory management, and order processing tasks, helping online retailers save time and resources while optimizing their operations for growth and scalability.

Key Features

  • tick-markForm Filling
  • tick-markData Extraction
  • tick-markTask Automation
  • tick-markWeb Scraping
  • tick-markWorkflow Customization
  • tick-markBrowser-Based Automation
  • tick-markTrigger-Based Actions
  • tick-markCommunity Marketplace
  • tick-markSeamless Integration
  • tick-markUser-Friendly Interface

Automa alternatives and competitors

Looking for alternatives to Automa or seeking competitors in the automation software landscape? Discover powerful automation tools like Selenium, UIPath, Zapier,, and Integromat to streamline your workflows and boost productivity across various applications and systems.
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Selenium: A popular open-source automation tool for web browsers, Selenium offers a robust framework for automating web applications across different platforms and browsers.

UIPath: A leading robotic process automation (RPA) platform, UIPath provides enterprise-grade automation solutions for automating repetitive tasks, data entry, and workflow automation across various applications and systems.

Zapier: A user-friendly automation platform that connects different apps and services to automate workflows without any coding. Zapier offers a wide range of integrations and automation options for streamlining tasks and improving productivity. An integration platform that enables users to automate workflows and connect different apps and services seamlessly. offers a variety of pre-built automation templates and customizable workflows to automate repetitive tasks efficiently.

Integromat: A powerful automation platform that allows users to create complex workflows by connecting various apps and services through visual workflows. Integromat offers advanced automation features and integration options for automating business processes and tasks.


Explore these robust alternatives to Automa and find the perfect fit for streamlining your automation needs, enhancing productivity, and optimizing your workflows across diverse tasks and platforms.

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