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What is BIGVU

BIGVU is a video creation platform designed to improve your content game. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or business owner, BIGVU is your go-to solution for crafting engaging videos effortlessly.

BIGVU simplifies the video creation process, allowing you to express yourself visually without the fuss. From sleek presentations to engaging vlogs, BIGVU empowers you to bring your ideas to life.

Embraced by content creators, marketers, and businesses alike, BIGVU caters to a variety of needs. Content creators can elevate their storytelling, marketers can captivate their audience with compelling visuals, and businesses can convey their message in a way that resonates.


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BIGVU Plans and Pricing

BIGVU’s pricing is crafted to meet the needs of startups, creatives, and businesses at every stage. Choose from their three plans – Starter, AI Pro, and Teams. To explore detailed monthly and annual pricing information, click on the button below.

BIGVU Use Cases

From presentations to captivating marketing videos, explore a range of impactful use cases of BIGVU that cater to professionals, educators, marketers, and content creators.
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Presentations: Whether you’re a business professional, educator, or content creator, BIGVU empowers you to craft dynamic presentations that captivate your audience. Elevate your message with visually stunning slides and expressive delivery.

Branding and Marketing Videos: Businesses thrive on compelling storytelling. BIGVU allows you to create captivating branding and marketing videos effortlessly. Showcase your products, share your brand story, and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Educational Content: For educators and trainers, BIGVU is a game-changer. Create engaging educational content that enhances the learning experience. Break down complex concepts, share tutorials, and keep your audience hooked with visually appealing videos.

Vlogging and Content Creation: Content creators, rejoice! BIGVU streamlines the video creation process, making it easy to share your stories, insights, and experiences with the world. Whether you’re a vlogger, influencer, or aspiring filmmaker, unleash your creativity with BIGVU.TV.

Interviews and Collaborations: Conducting interviews or collaborative discussions? BIGVU simplifies the recording process, ensuring you capture every important moment. Perfect for journalists, podcasters, and content collaborators looking to create polished, professional interviews.

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Who is BIGVU ideal for

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Content Creators and Influencers: If you’re a content creator, vlogger, or social media influencer looking to make an impact with engaging videos, BIGVU is your ideal companion. Create visually stunning content without the hassle, and share your stories with the world.

Educators and Trainers: For educators and trainers seeking an effective way to deliver engaging and informative content, BIGVU is the answer. Simplify the creation of educational videos, tutorials, and training materials to enhance the learning experience.

Businesses and Marketers: BIGVU is perfect for businesses and marketers aiming to elevate their brand through compelling video content. Craft marketing videos, product showcases, and brand stories effortlessly to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Journalists and Podcasters: If you’re in the business of storytelling through interviews, podcasts, or journalistic content, BIGVU streamlines the recording process. Create professional interviews, share impactful stories, and engage your audience with visually appealing content.

Startups and Small Businesses: As a startup founder or small business owner, BIGVU is a game-changer. Quickly establish your online presence with professional-looking videos, even if you lack technical expertise. Enjoy the freedom to showcase your brand without the need for an in-house developer.

Key Features

  • tick-markAutomatic Transcription
  • tick-markIntuitive Video Editing
  • tick-markVersatile Templates
  • tick-markAI Highlights
  • tick-markNoise Cancellation
  • tick-markScreen Recording
  • tick-markZoom and Google Meet Integration
  • tick-markFree CDN for Image Hosting
  • tick-markEffortless Collaboration
  • tick-markStartup-Friendly Pricing

BIGVU alternatives and competitors

If you’re eager to dive into dynamic video creation and can’t wait for a BIGVU lifetime deal, here are some noteworthy alternatives to explore:
Lifetime Access to BIGVU

Clipchamp: A rising star in the video creation space, Clipchamp offers intuitive tools for crafting professional videos. With a user-friendly interface and a variety of features, it’s an excellent alternative for those seeking a seamless video creation experience.

InVideo: InVideo is a versatile platform that empowers users to create engaging videos with ease. Whether you’re a marketer, educator, or content creator, InVideo provides a range of templates and customization options to bring your ideas to life.

Animoto: Tailored for simplicity and effectiveness, Animoto is a go-to choice for individuals and businesses looking to create stunning videos without a steep learning curve. Explore their templates and unleash your creativity effortlessly.

Filmora: Wondershare Filmora is a powerful yet accessible video editing tool suitable for both beginners and advanced users. With a wide range of features and effects, it offers a comprehensive solution for crafting visually appealing videos.

Kapwing: Kapwing is an online video editing platform that stands out for its simplicity and collaborative features. Whether you’re working on solo projects or with a team, Kapwing provides a straightforward and efficient video creation experience.


While BIGVU is an exceptional choice, these alternatives offer unique features and approaches to cater to diverse video creation needs. Explore them to find the perfect fit for your creative journey.

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