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What is BlockSurvey

BlockSurvey is a secure survey platform designed to prioritize user privacy and data protection. It enables individuals and businesses to create surveys with end-to-end encryption, ensuring confidential responses.

BlockSurvey caters to diverse needs, from conducting private research and gathering customer feedback to facilitating secure data collection across various industries.

The platform’s features include customizable surveys, advanced analytics, and a user-friendly interface, making it a go-to solution for those who value privacy in their survey interactions.

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BlockSurvey Plans and Pricing

BlockSurvey’s pricing is designed to meet the needs of startups and businesses. It offers three plans: Standard, Premium, and Team. To explore the monthly and annual subscription costs, click the button below.

BlockSurvey Use Cases

BlockSurvey, with its focus on secure and private surveys, serves various purposes across industries. Here are some of its versatile use cases:
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Confidential Research Studies: Conducting confidential research is effortless with BlockSurvey, ensuring encrypted participant responses. Researchers can delve into sensitive topics, knowing that data privacy is prioritized throughout the study.

Customer Feedback Collection: Businesses can trust BlockSurvey to gather authentic customer feedback while upholding data privacy. This fosters a transparent feedback culture, where customers feel secure sharing their opinions.

Employee Surveys with Privacy: Human resources can utilize BlockSurvey to conduct confidential employee surveys, encouraging open communication. Employees feel assured that their responses are secure, leading to more honest feedback.

Educational Assessments: BlockSurvey is an ideal platform for educational institutions conducting secure and private student assessments. It guarantees the integrity and privacy of academic data, maintaining a trusted environment for assessments.

Sensitive Business Decision Surveys: BlockSurvey caters to businesses conducting surveys tied to sensitive decision-making processes. The platform ensures a confidential and secure environment, essential for obtaining accurate insights on critical business decisions.

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Who is BlockSurvey ideal for

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Human Resources and Employee Surveys: Human resources departments benefit from BlockSurvey for conducting confidential employee surveys. The platform provides a secure space for gathering feedback and opinions from employees, fostering a transparent and private feedback process.

Educational Institutions: BlockSurvey is an ideal choice for educational institutions conducting secure student assessments and surveys. It ensures that academic data remains private and meets the stringent privacy standards required in educational settings.

Market Researchers: Professionals in the market research field can leverage BlockSurvey for obtaining valuable insights without compromising participant privacy. The platform ensures secure data collection, making it an ideal tool for market research endeavors.

Startups with Limited Resources: Startup founders with lean teams and limited technical resources can quickly establish a secure online presence using BlockSurvey. The platform provides control over data privacy and flexibility, making it suitable for non-techy startup founders.

Individual Professionals: BlockSurvey is an excellent fit for individual professionals, such as consultants, freelancers, or photographers, who need a secure platform for collecting client feedback, showcasing portfolios, or conducting private surveys. Its user-friendly interface caters to individual needs without the requirement for extensive technical knowledge.

Key Features

  • tick-markSecure Surveys
  • tick-markPrivacy-Focused
  • tick-markDecentralized Storage
  • tick-markBlockchain Integration
  • tick-markCustomizable Forms
  • tick-markOffline Survey Access
  • tick-markCollaboration Tools
  • tick-markAnalytics and Reporting
  • tick-markCross-Platform Compatibility
  • tick-markNo Code Required

BlockSurvey alternatives and competitors

If you’re exploring alternatives to BlockSurvey or looking for similar platforms with recurring features, consider the following options:
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Typeform: Typeform is a well-established alternative that offers interactive and user-friendly surveys. With a sleek design and varied question types, it caters to users looking for engaging and visually appealing survey experiences.

SurveyMonkey: SurveyMonkey is a veteran in the survey software space, providing a comprehensive set of features for collecting and analyzing survey data. It’s a reliable choice for users seeking a proven platform with diverse survey functionalities.

Google Forms: Google Forms is a free and widely used survey tool that integrates seamlessly with other Google Workspace applications. It’s an excellent choice for users looking for a straightforward and easy-to-use solution for basic survey needs.

JotForm: JotForm is a versatile form-building platform that goes beyond surveys. With its drag-and-drop interface and extensive integrations, it caters to users who need customizable forms and surveys for various purposes.

TypeSurvey: TypeSurvey, a relatively new player in the space, has gained attention for its innovative approach to survey creation. It focuses on providing a user-friendly experience and offers features suitable for those seeking modern survey solutions.


These alternatives to BlockSurvey offer a range of features, from advanced customization to integration capabilities, allowing users to choose based on their specific survey requirements and preferences.

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