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What is acts as your single source of data, consolidating information from over 1600+ tools – from CRMs and project management platforms to marketing automation and email clients.

It centralizes your data, eliminates silos, and empowers you to automate tasks, create insights, and finally control your information flow. With two-way data sync, updates in one tool ripple across all your connected apps, creating a single source of truth. assists in marketing campaigns informed by real-time sales data, customer support driven by accurate project timelines, and decisions fueled by insights. Plans and Pricing’s pricing is meticulously crafted to meet the needs of startups and emerging agencies. The platform offers three distinct plans: Grow, Scale, and Enterprise. For detailed insights into the monthly and annual pricing structures, click on the button below. Use Cases

Discover how transforms operations across sales and marketing, customer support, project management, finance and accounting, and human resources with its versatile set of use cases.

Sales and Marketing: Unifying lead and customer data allows businesses to create a customer view by combining information from CRMs, social media platforms, marketing automation tools, and email campaigns.

Customer Support: Accessing complete customer information from various sources within a single interface enables faster and more informed customer support, reducing response times and improving overall resolution rates.

Project Management: Centralizing project data in one accessible location, including tasks, timelines, documents, and communication, ensures that all team members have a unified understanding of the project.

Finance and Accounting: Automating data entry processes for invoices, receipts, and bank statements eliminates manual errors, saves time, and ensures accuracy in financial record-keeping.

Human Resources: Automating candidate screening, scheduling, and onboarding tasks streamlines the recruitment process, ensuring a smoother experience for both candidates and HR professionals.

Who is ideal for

Agencies and Service Providers: Ideal for agencies offering a spectrum of services, enables efficient collaboration and data management without the need for extensive coding resources. Create and manage projects seamlessly for your clients.

Freelancers and Independent Professionals: Freelancers seeking a tool to streamline their workflows can leverage With ready-made templates and automation features, freelancers can deliver polished projects without the dependency on external designers.

Local Businesses with Online Aspirations: For local businesses venturing into the online space on a budget, offers an accessible solution. Effortlessly set up a visually appealing website or manage crucial business tasks in a short timeframe, backed by startup-friendly pricing.

Non-Techy Startup Founders: Designed for startup founders with lean teams and limited technical expertise, empowers non-techy entrepreneurs to establish an online presence swiftly. Gain more control over your tech aspects without the need for an in-house developer, granting the freedom to focus on business growth.

E-commerce Entrepreneurs: E-commerce businesses can leverage to create and manage their online storefronts efficiently. With features for streamlined workflows and real-time collaboration, is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs looking to establish and grow their online retail presence.

Key Features

  • tick-markCentralized Data Hub
  • tick-markTwo-Way Data Synchronization
  • tick-markNo-Code Workflow Automation
  • tick-markCustom Dashboards and Reporting
  • tick-markCollaboration Features
  • tick-markPre-Built Modules
  • tick-markCustom Database Module
  • tick-markData Standardization and Consolidation
  • tick-markAPI Token Prioritization
  • tick-markWebhooks alternatives and competitors

While excels in data unification and streamlining workflows across diverse business tools, you might be exploring other options for your data integration and automation needs. Here’s a peek into some worthy contenders, each with their unique strengths and considerations:
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Fivetran: The user-friendly giant, boasting over 600 connectors and drag-and-drop simplicity. Perfect for scaling businesses who value ease of use, but be prepared for potentially higher price tags and limited customization options.

Stitch: The budget-friendly alternative, offering more customization than Fivetran but with a slightly steeper learning curve and fewer connectors. Ideal for smaller businesses seeking cost-effective data integration with the flexibility to tailor it to their needs.

Hevo: The free-tier champion, with built-in data warehousing and real-time data support. A great option for startups and budget-conscious businesses, but keep in mind the limited customization and smaller connector library compared to its rivals. The feature-rich powerhouse, equipped with data transformation, quality, and governance tools alongside integrations. Perfect for complex data needs and businesses with the resources to manage its steeper learning curve and potentially higher costs.

Airbyte: The open-source challenger, offering ultimate flexibility and control for data enthusiasts. With its vast community and self-hosted infrastructure, Airbyte empowers tech-savvy businesses to tailor integrations on their terms. It’s free tier and diverse connector library are enticing, but be prepared for the DIY setup and ongoing maintenance responsibilities.


By carefully evaluating your requirements and comparing these options, you can find the data integration solution that empowers your business to break down data silos and achieve operational excellence.

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