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What is Butter

Butter is not an ordinary meeting tool; it’s a collaborative workshop platform designed to inject energy and structure into online and remote sessions.

By automating workshop planning, fostering engagement with interactive features, maintaining a balanced structure, offering instant recaps, and reimagining teamwork dynamics, Butter transforms mundane meetings into dynamic and actionable experiences.

It caters to facilitators, teams of all sizes, and remote or hybrid teams, empowering them to conduct impactful sessions, fuel collaboration, and bridge geographical gaps for a more connected and productive work environment.

Butter Plans and Pricing

Butter’s pricing is designed to accommodate diverse needs, particularly focusing on empowering startups and young agencies. With three distinct plans—Starter, Pro, and Enterprise—Butter ensures flexibility to meet various requirements. To explore detailed information on monthly and annual pricing, simply click the button below.

Butter Use Cases

Butter, as a collaborative workshop platform, caters to a variety of use cases, enhancing productivity and engagement in different scenarios:

Facilitated Workshops: Butter excels as a tool for facilitating workshops, enabling leaders to streamline planning, engage participants through interactive features, and guide the session for meaningful outcomes.

Team Collaboration: Teams of all sizes can leverage Butter for various collaborative activities, such as brainstorming sessions and client workshops, fostering a creative and collaborative environment.

Remote and Hybrid Teams: Butter serves as a solution for remote and hybrid teams, bridging geographical distances by offering interactive features that promote connections, ensuring everyone contributes regardless of location.

Efficient Planning and Agendas: Ideal for planning workshops and setting agendas efficiently, Butter helps users ditch last-minute scrambling, saving time and boosting confidence in the preparation process.

Engagement-Driven Meetings: Butter transforms regular meetings into engaging experiences, eliminating awkward silences with features like live polls, brainstorming boards, and quizzes to keep participants actively involved.

Who is Butter ideal for

Structured Creativity: Balance loose creativity with focused progress. Butter guides the flow without smothering the spark, helping teams achieve meaningful outcomes.

Instant Recap and Documentation: No more frantic note-taking or relying on blurry memories. Butter automatically captures key points, decisions, and action items, leaving everyone on the same page (literally).

Enhanced Collaboration: Ditch the siloed experience. Butter fosters collaboration like never before, with shared workspaces, templates, and instant access to past session recaps.

Teams of All Sizes: From brainstorming sessions to client workshops, Butter fuels collaboration and ignites creativity for teams of all shapes and sizes.

Remote and Hybrid Teams: Bridge the distance and make every team member feel present. Butter’s interactive features foster connections and ensure everyone contributes, regardless of location.


Key Features

  • tick-markAgenda Planning
  • tick-markEngagement Tools
  • tick-markActivity Setup
  • tick-markInstant Recap
  • tick-markStructured Workshops
  • tick-markFacilitator Empowerment
  • tick-markShared Workspaces
  • tick-markTemplates
  • tick-markClient Workshops
  • tick-markRemote and Hybrid Collaboration

Butter alternatives and competitors

Butter offers a unique collaborative workshop platform, but if you’re exploring alternatives, here are some options to consider:
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Miro: Known for its versatile collaborative whiteboard, Miro enables teams to ideate, plan, and collaborate visually. It’s a comprehensive tool for creative sessions and project planning.

Stormboard: Stormboard provides a digital workspace for collaborative brainstorming and planning. It’s designed to facilitate idea generation, organization, and collaboration in real-time.

MURAL: MURAL is a digital workspace for visual collaboration. It helps teams brainstorm ideas, plan projects, and solve problems visually, making remote collaboration more effective.

Trello: Trello is a popular project management tool that uses boards, lists, and cards to help teams organize and prioritize tasks. It’s known for its simplicity and flexibility.

Lucidspark: Lucidspark is a collaborative online whiteboard platform that facilitates brainstorming, planning, and collaboration. It’s part of the Lucid suite known for visual communication tools.


Each of these alternatives offers distinctive features for collaborative work, providing diverse options depending on your specific needs and preferences. Explore their functionalities to find the one that best aligns with your team’s collaborative requirements.

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