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What is Circle

Circle is a community platform that enables creators, brands, and organizations to bring their communities together in a customizable, private online space. It offers a suite of tools designed to foster engagement, including discussion forums, member profiles, direct messaging, and event management.

Circle allows for the creation of gated, subscription-based communities, making it possible to monetize content and interactions.

The platform integrates with various other tools such as Zapier, for automating workflows, and email marketing platforms, to keep members informed and engaged.

Circle is utilized by educators for creating learning communities, creators and influencers for engaging with their followers on a deeper level, and businesses for building customer or user groups to gather feedback and provide support.


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Circle Plans and Pricing

Circle offers three thoughtfully crafted plans – Professional, Business, and Enterprise – designed to meet the diverse needs of creators, educators, and businesses. Whether you’re just starting or looking to scale, explore their monthly and annual pricing options by clicking the button below and find the perfect plan for your community-building journey.

Circle Use Cases

Circle is a versatile community platform that supports a wide range of use cases, making it a valuable tool for creators, businesses, and organizations looking to engage and grow their online communities. Here are some of the key use cases for Circle:
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Online Courses and Learning Communities: Educators and course creators can use Circle to host and manage online courses, fostering a collaborative learning environment. It provides a space for students to discuss course materials, ask questions, and share insights, enhancing the learning experience.

Membership Sites: For creators and entrepreneurs offering exclusive content, Circle enables the creation of gated communities. Members can access premium content, interact in dedicated spaces, and connect over shared interests, adding value to the membership.

Customer Support and Feedback: Businesses can leverage Circle to build a support community where customers can find help, ask questions, and provide feedback. This direct line to users helps improve products and services while fostering a sense of community among customers.

Networking and Professional Communities: Professional groups and associations can create private communities for networking, mentorship, and sharing industry news. Circle’s structured spaces allow for focused discussions and connections, benefiting career development and industry collaboration.

Event Planning and Management: Organizers can use Circle to plan events, share updates, and engage attendees before, during, and after the event. It’s an effective tool for building excitement, providing information, and continuing the conversation post-event.

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Who is Circle ideal for

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Content Creators and Influencers: Circle provides a personalized space for content creators and influencers to build and engage with their community. It offers tools for creating exclusive content, hosting discussions, and interacting directly with followers, making it easier to nurture a loyal audience.

Educators and Course Providers: Ideal for those offering online courses or educational content, Circle allows for the creation of private or public communities where students can engage with each other and the course material. It supports a collaborative learning environment with features for discussions, Q&A sessions, and resource sharing.

Entrepreneurs and Startups: Startups and entrepreneurs can leverage Circle to build a community around their brand or product. It’s an excellent platform for gathering customer feedback, providing support, and fostering a sense of belonging among users, which is crucial for early-stage growth.

Membership Organizations: For organizations that offer memberships, Circle serves as a platform to provide exclusive content, discussions, and networking opportunities to members. It can help increase member engagement and retention by offering a dedicated space for interactions.

Non-profits and Advocacy Groups: Non-profits and advocacy groups can use Circle to unite supporters, volunteers, and donors. The platform facilitates communication, event planning, and mobilization of community members around common causes and campaigns.

Key Features

  • tick-markCustomizable Spaces
  • tick-markMember Profiles
  • tick-markPrivate Messaging
  • tick-markContent Management
  • tick-markEvents and Calendar Integration
  • tick-markAnalytics and Reporting
  • tick-markIntegration with External Tools (like Zapier)
  • tick-markLive Streaming Support
  • tick-markMembership and Subscription Management
  • tick-markModeration Tools

Circle alternatives and competitors

If you’re exploring community platform options beyond Circle, consider these notable alternatives that cater to diverse needs and offer various features to build and engage online communities.
Lifetime Access to Circle

Mighty Networks: A rapidly growing platform that enables creators and entrepreneurs to build community-driven websites, courses, and memberships all in one place. It’s known for its robust engagement tools and flexible customization options.

Discourse: An open-source discussion platform that excels in hosting forums and community discussions. It’s one of the veterans in the space, offering extensive moderation tools and integration capabilities.

Kajabi: While primarily a platform for online courses and coaching, Kajabi also offers community features, making it a comprehensive solution for educators and content creators seeking to monetize their expertise and foster community engagement.

Memberful: A plugin that works with existing websites to add membership functionality, ideal for creators who already have a website but want to add a private community or subscription-based content without starting from scratch.

Patreon: Known for its support of artists and creators through membership, Patreon also allows for the creation of private communities where creators can interact with their patrons, share exclusive content, and more.


These alternatives provide a range of features and focus, from forum-based discussions to comprehensive platforms for course creators and membership sites, offering various options to meet different community-building needs.

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