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What is Cooby

Cooby is a productivity tool tailored to augment WhatsApp for business use, notably by integrating it with CRM systems like HubSpot.

It enhances WhatsApp’s functionality by enabling features such as one-click recurring messages, personalized message templates with variables, and streamlined conversation organization.

With Cooby, users can efficiently manage customer interactions within WhatsApp, categorize chats, set reminders, and perform CRM tasks seamlessly without switching platforms.

This integration optimizes communication, empowering businesses to engage with clients more effectively and enhance overall productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Cooby Plans and Pricing

Cooby’s pricing is structured to accommodate businesses of all sizes, with options suitable for startups and established enterprises alike. Offering three distinct plans – Starter, Growth, and Custom– Cooby ensures that users can select the package that best aligns with their needs and budget. To explore monthly and annual pricing options, simply click on the button below.

Cooby Use Cases

Cooby enhances WhatsApp for business purposes, offering various use cases to optimize communication and customer relationship management:
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Streamlined Customer Interactions: Cooby enables businesses to manage customer interactions directly within WhatsApp, facilitating quick responses, personalized messages, and efficient conversation organization.

CRM Integration: By integrating with CRM systems like HubSpot, Cooby allows users to seamlessly sync customer data, track interactions, and manage leads and contacts without leaving the WhatsApp interface.

Recurring Messages: With Cooby, users can send recurring messages with a single click, ideal for sending reminders, follow-ups, or promotional messages to clients and prospects.

Personalized Message Templates: Cooby provides templates with variables for personalized messages, enabling businesses to tailor their communications and enhance engagement with customers.

Task Management: Cooby enables users to set reminders, categorize chats, and perform CRM tasks directly within WhatsApp, ensuring efficient task management and improved productivity.

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Who is Cooby ideal for

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Customer Service Teams: Cooby offers robust features for customer service teams to manage interactions, send personalized messages, and streamline communication with clients directly through WhatsApp, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Sales Professionals: Sales teams can leverage Cooby to engage with leads, send follow-ups, and nurture relationships through WhatsApp, enabling personalized and timely communication to drive sales conversions.

Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs): SMBs can benefit from Cooby’s user-friendly interface and cost-effective solution for managing customer interactions, facilitating efficient communication and relationship management without the need for extensive resources.

Freelancers and Consultants: Cooby provides freelancers and consultants with tools to streamline client communication, send recurring messages, and manage client relationships effectively through WhatsApp, empowering them to deliver professional services and maintain client satisfaction.

Marketing Agencies with WhatsApp Strategy: Marketing agencies looking to incorporate WhatsApp into their client communication strategy can use Cooby to manage client interactions, send updates, and track conversations, enhancing transparency and client engagement.

Key Features

  • tick-markCRM Integration
  • tick-markRecurring Message Sending
  • tick-markPersonalized Message Templates
  • tick-markEfficient Conversation Organization
  • tick-markCustomer Interaction Management
  • tick-markChat Categorization
  • tick-markReminder Setting
  • tick-markCRM Task Performance within WhatsApp
  • tick-markProductivity Enhancement
  • tick-markEnhanced Customer Satisfaction

Cooby alternatives and competitors

Looking for alternatives to Cooby to enhance your WhatsApp business communication? Explore tools like Eazybe, WA Web Plus, WA Deck, WA Sender, and Prime Sender to streamline customer interactions and boost team collaboration on WhatsApp.
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Eazybe: Eazybe is a robust tool designed to enhance WhatsApp communication for businesses, offering features to streamline customer interactions and improve team collaboration, making it a viable alternative to Cooby.

WA Web Plus: WA Web Plus provides businesses with tools to optimize their WhatsApp communication, including features for scheduling messages, managing contacts, and automating responses, offering similar functionalities to Cooby.

WA Deck: WA Deck is a comprehensive solution for businesses to manage their WhatsApp communication effectively, with features for bulk messaging, contact management, and analytics, serving as a suitable alternative to Cooby.

WA Sender: WA Sender offers businesses tools to automate and streamline their WhatsApp marketing efforts, including features for bulk messaging, contact segmentation, and campaign tracking, making it a competitive alternative to Cooby.

Prime Sender: Prime Sender is a powerful tool designed to simplify WhatsApp marketing for businesses, with features for creating and managing campaigns, analyzing performance, and engaging with customers, providing similar functionalities to Cooby.


In conclusion, exploring alternatives to Cooby such as Eazybe, WA Web Plus, WA Deck, WA Sender, and Prime Sender can provide you with a variety of options to optimize your WhatsApp business communication, ensuring efficient customer engagement and team collaboration. Choose the one that best suits your needs and objectives.

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