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What is Donut

Donut is a platform designed to foster meaningful human connections within the workplace, particularly in remote or hybrid environments. It seamlessly integrates with Slack, facilitating various interactions like new hire onboarding, peer mentorship, training, and celebrating special occasions.

Donut’s “Journeys” feature allows organizations to automate and personalize programs at every stage of the employee lifecycle, ensuring no one is overlooked and that each employee receives the necessary information and connections to succeed.

With its functionality, Donut helps build trust and camaraderie among team members, making it a vital tool for companies looking to enhance their team dynamics and workplace engagement.

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Donut Plans and Pricing

Donut’s pricing is designed to cater to startups and growing businesses. They offer 3 plans: Free, Premium, and Standard. To explore their monthly and annual pricing options, simply click on the button below.

Donut Use Cases

Unlock the power of seamless workplace connections with Donut. From facilitating new hire onboarding to fostering peer mentorship and remote team building, Donut empowers organizations to cultivate a culture of collaboration, engagement, and growth.
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New Hire Onboarding: Donut facilitates seamless integration of new hires into the team by automating onboarding processes and facilitating introductions with team members, mentors, and managers.

Peer Mentorship Programs: Organizations can establish peer mentorship programs using Donut, allowing employees to connect with mentors for guidance, support, and professional development opportunities.

Training and Skill Development: Donut can be utilized to organize and automate training sessions, workshops, and skill development programs, ensuring employees have access to relevant resources and opportunities for growth.

Employee Recognition and Celebrations: Donut enables organizations to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, work anniversaries, and team achievements, fostering a positive and inclusive work culture.

Remote Team Building Activities: In remote or hybrid work environments, Donut helps organize virtual team-building activities and social events, strengthening bonds and promoting camaraderie among team members.

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Who is Donut ideal for

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Remote and Hybrid Workforces: Tailored for organizations with remote or hybrid work environments, Donut facilitates seamless communication and connection among dispersed teams, fostering collaboration, engagement, and a sense of belonging.

HR and People Operations Teams: Ideal for HR professionals and people operations teams, Donut offers tools and features to streamline employee onboarding, mentorship programs, and team building initiatives, enhancing workplace culture and employee satisfaction.

Organizational Leaders and Managers: Donut empowers leaders and managers to build strong relationships and foster meaningful connections among team members, driving productivity, innovation, and team cohesion within the organization.

Employee Experience and Engagement Specialists: For professionals focused on enhancing employee experience and engagement, Donut provides the tools and resources to design and implement initiatives that promote connection, collaboration, and well-being across the organization.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Advocates: Donut supports DEI efforts by facilitating connections and fostering understanding among employees from diverse backgrounds, promoting inclusion, belonging, and mutual respect within the workplace.

Key Features

  • tick-markSeamless Communication and Connection
  • tick-markIntegration with Slack
  • tick-markNew Hire Onboarding
  • tick-markPeer Mentorship Programs
  • tick-markTraining and Development Initiatives
  • tick-markEmployee Recognition and Celebrations
  • tick-markVirtual Team-Building Activities
  • tick-markAutomated Workflows
  • tick-markDiversity and Inclusion Initiatives
  • tick-markAnalytics and Insights

Donut alternatives and competitors

Donut fosters connections within your organization, but it’s not the only tool for fostering employee engagement. Here’s a breakdown of some alternatives and competitors to consider:
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Slack: A widely used platform for real-time communication, team channels, and file sharing. While not specifically focused on employee connections, Slack communities and integrations can create a space for virtual interactions.

Microsoft Teams: Similar to Slack, Teams offers chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and collaboration tools. It integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products and can be used to foster team connections through channels and virtual events.

Asana: Primarily a project management tool, Asana offers built-in communication features like team discussions and task comments. This can facilitate informal communication and team bonding alongside project work.

Culture Amp: A comprehensive platform that helps measure and improve employee engagement through surveys, pulse checks, and feedback tools. It can also create a sense of community through features like recognition programs and internal communication channels.

Bonusly: Another recognition and rewards platform that allows employees to give and receive virtual bonuses for positive contributions. This can foster connections and teamwork as employees acknowledge each other’s achievements.


Choosing the right alternative depends on your company size, budget, and specific goals. Donut is a great option for fostering casual connections, but depending on your needs, other platforms might offer additional features or functionalities.

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