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What is Easy Resume

Easy Resume is an online tool built to simplify the resume creation process for job seekers.

With its user-friendly interface and diverse template options, users can effortlessly craft professional resumes tailored to their specific needs and career goals.

From choosing the right layout to customizing content sections, Easy Resume provides a seamless experience for individuals looking to enhance their job application materials.

Whether you’re a recent graduate entering the workforce or a seasoned professional seeking career advancement, Easy Resume caters to users at every stage of their careers.

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Easy Resume Plans and Pricing

Easy Resume’s pricing is designed to accommodate individuals and professionals at every stage of their career journey. Explore their monthly and annual subscription options by clicking the button below.

Easy Resume Use Cases

Unlock your career potential with Easy Resume’s versatile features, tailored to empower job seekers, students, and professionals alike in crafting compelling resumes tailored to their unique career aspirations and goals. Streamline your resume creation process and stand out from the crowd with Easy Resume’s intuitive tools for building polished, professional resumes.
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Job Application: Whether you’re applying for your first job or seeking a career change, Easy Resume enables users to craft professional resumes tailored to specific job roles and industries, enhancing their chances of landing interviews.

Career Advancement: For professionals looking to climb the career ladder, Easy Resume offers features to highlight achievements, skills, and experiences, helping them stand out in a competitive job market and secure desirable positions.

Academic Pursuits: Students and recent graduates can utilize Easy Resume to create polished CVs that showcase their academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and relevant coursework, facilitating applications for internships, scholarships, or further education.

Freelance Work: Easy Resume caters to freelancers by providing customizable templates and sections to highlight diverse projects, skills, and client testimonials, enabling them to present a comprehensive portfolio to potential clients or employers.

Online Profiles: With Easy Resume, users can easily convert their resumes into visually appealing online profiles or portfolios, enhancing their professional online presence and visibility to recruiters and networking contacts.

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Who is Easy Resume ideal for

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Job Seekers: Whether you’re entering the workforce or looking to advance your career, Easy Resume simplifies the resume creation process, enabling you to craft polished and professional resumes tailored to your desired job roles.

Students: Perfect for students entering the job market or applying for internships, Easy Resume offers user-friendly tools and templates to create standout resumes that highlight academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and relevant skills.

Professionals: For seasoned professionals seeking career advancement or transitioning to new roles, Easy Resume provides customizable templates and intuitive features to showcase your experience, skills, and accomplishments effectively, helping you stand out in a competitive job market.

Freelancers: Individual freelancers looking to attract clients and showcase their expertise can benefit from Easy Resume’s professional templates and easy-to-use tools for creating compelling resumes that highlight their unique skills and experiences.

Career Changers: If you’re changing careers or industries, Easy Resume offers the flexibility to tailor your resume to emphasize transferable skills and relevant experiences, helping you make a smooth transition into your new career path.

Key Features

  • tick-markUser-Friendly Interface
  • tick-markCustomizable Templates
  • tick-markResume Building Wizard
  • tick-markImport/Export Functionality
  • tick-markCover Letter Builder
  • tick-markMultiple Language Support
  • tick-markOnline Resume Hosting
  • tick-markSpell-Checking Feature
  • tick-markJob Search Tool
  • tick-markMobile Compatibility

Easy Resume alternatives and competitors

Looking for alternatives to Easy Resume? Explore platforms like, Novoresume, Zety, Canva, and VisualCV to create professional resumes tailored to your needs and preferences.
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Easy Resume Known for its user-friendly interface and extensive template library, offers a straightforward solution for creating professional resumes tailored to various industries and job roles.

Novoresume: With its focus on modern design and customizable templates, Novoresume provides users with tools to create visually appealing resumes that effectively showcase their skills and experiences.

Zety: Zety offers a comprehensive resume builder platform with features such as resume customization, cover letter creation, and expert advice. It’s suitable for individuals looking to create polished resumes quickly and easily.

Canva: While not specifically designed for resume building, Canva’s versatile design tools allow users to create visually stunning resumes using customizable templates and a wide range of graphics and fonts.

VisualCV: VisualCV specializes in creating multimedia resumes that include elements such as images, videos, and links to portfolios. It’s an excellent option for individuals in creative fields looking to showcase their work in a dynamic format.


Discovering the right resume-building tool can vastly improve your job application process. Explore these alternatives to Easy Resume to find the perfect fit for crafting your professional profile.

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