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What is Easygenerator

Easygenerator is an intuitive eLearning authoring tool designed to simplify the process of creating engaging and interactive online courses. It empowers educators, instructional designers, and training professionals to develop customized learning content without the need for advanced technical skills.

Easygenerator streamlines the course creation journey, from initial concept to deployment, offering features such as responsive design, collaborative editing, and the ability to embed multimedia elements.

Widely utilized in educational institutions, corporate training environments, and various industries, Easygenerator is a solution catering to the diverse needs of content creators.

Whether you’re an educator looking to enhance your classroom experience or a corporate trainer aiming to develop impactful training modules, Easygenerator is a go-to platform that facilitates the seamless creation of effective eLearning content.

Easygenerator Plans and Pricing

Easygenerator’s pricing is designed to meet the needs of startups and small to medium-sized agencies. The platform offers three plans: Pro, Team, and Enterprise. Explore the monthly and annual pricing details by clicking the button below.

Easygenerator Use Cases

Easygenerator caters to a diverse range of users, offering versatile solutions for creating engaging eLearning content. Here are some key use cases:

Educational Institutions: Easygenerator is extensively used by teachers, professors, and educational institutions to develop interactive and customized online courses. It facilitates the creation of engaging content to enhance the learning experience for students across various subjects.

Corporate Training Programs: In the corporate sector, Easygenerator serves as a valuable tool for designing and deploying training modules. Training professionals utilize its features to create courses that address specific corporate needs, ensuring effective employee development.

Employee Onboarding: Organizations leverage Easygenerator for streamlined onboarding processes. It allows companies to create onboarding courses that introduce new employees to company policies, procedures, and culture in an interactive and engaging format.

Skill Development: Easygenerator is an ideal platform for fostering skill development. Users can create courses aimed at enhancing specific skills, whether technical or soft skills, providing learners with a structured and interactive learning path.

Product Training: Companies use Easygenerator to develop product training materials for both internal teams and external stakeholders. This ensures that employees and partners are well-versed in the features and benefits of the products or services they represent.

Who is Easygenerator ideal for

Compliance Training: Industries with specific compliance requirements can utilize Easygenerator for creating and delivering compliance training programs. It ensures that employees understand and adhere to regulatory standards.

Custom Learning Paths: Individuals and organizations seeking customized learning paths can leverage Easygenerator. Whether for students, employees, or personal development, it enables the creation of tailored learning journeys based on specific objectives and goals.

Soft Skills Development: Easygenerator is effective for organizations focusing on soft skills training. It allows the development of courses centered around communication, leadership, teamwork, and other essential professional skills.

Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs): Easygenerator is well-suited for SMEs looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution to create internal training materials. It enables SMEs to develop customized courses for onboarding, compliance, and skill development.

Startups Focused on Employee Growth: Startups with a focus on employee growth and development can leverage Easygenerator to establish comprehensive training programs. It caters to the specific needs of lean startup teams aiming to nurture a skilled and adaptable workforce.

Key Features

  • tick-markCourse Authoring
  • tick-markResponsive Design
  • tick-markAnalytics and Reporting
  • tick-markAssessments and Quizzes
  • tick-markSCORM Compliance
  • tick-markContent Library
  • tick-markCollaborative Editing
  • tick-markUser Roles and Permissions
  • tick-markMobile Accessibility
  • tick-markIntegration Capabilities

Easygenerator alternatives and competitors

If you don’t have time to wait for a Easygenerator lifetime deal. Here are some recurring alternatives you can try on some alternatives to Easygenerator.
Lifetime access to Easygenerator

Articulate 360: Articulate 360 is a robust eLearning authoring tool that offers a comprehensive suite of applications for course creation and content development. It provides a user-friendly interface, making it suitable for educators, trainers, and instructional designers.

Adobe Captivate: Adobe Captivate is a leading eLearning authoring tool that allows users to create responsive and interactive learning content. It offers a range of features, including responsive design, simulation-based learning, and scenario branching, making it a powerful alternative to Easygenerator.

Camtasia: Camtasia, developed by TechSmith, is a versatile screen recording and video editing software. While it’s known for its video creation capabilities, it also includes interactive elements, making it a suitable alternative for those looking to create engaging multimedia content.

iSpring Suite: iSpring Suite is a comprehensive eLearning authoring toolkit that integrates seamlessly with PowerPoint. It offers features like quizzes, interactions, and dialogue simulations. iSpring Suite is known for its ease of use and compatibility with various eLearning platforms.

Elucidat: Elucidat is a cloud-based eLearning authoring platform designed for large enterprises. It focuses on scalable and collaborative content creation, allowing teams to work together on creating impactful eLearning courses.


Exploring alternatives to Easygenerator for eLearning content creation reveals diverse options such as Adobe Captivate and EdApp, each catering to specific needs, from comprehensive features to simplicity and mobile-friendly microlearning. The choice depends on user preferences, content requirements, and collaboration needs.

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