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What is Email Meter

Email Meter is an email analytics tool designed to provide insights into your email usage patterns and performance metrics. It offers detailed statistics and visualizations to help users understand their email behavior and optimize their productivity.

With Email Meter, users can track key metrics such as email volume, response times, busiest times of the day, and top contacts. It also provides insights into email thread lengths, attachment usage, and email sentiment analysis.

Email Meter is particularly valuable for professionals and businesses looking to improve their email communication efficiency, prioritize tasks, and identify areas for improvement.

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Email Meter Plans and Pricing

Email Meter’s pricing structure is tailored to accommodate various needs, offering three distinct plans: Pro, Team, and Enterprise. Explore our monthly and annual pricing options by clicking the button below.

Email Meter Use Cases

Unlock the power of your inbox with Email Meter, the leading email analytics tool trusted by professionals worldwide. From optimizing productivity to enhancing team collaboration, Email Meter empowers users with actionable insights to revolutionize their email experience.
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Performance Tracking and Optimization: Email Meter allows individuals and teams to track key performance metrics such as email volume, response times, and busiest times of the day. By analyzing these metrics, users can identify patterns, prioritize tasks, and optimize their email workflow for increased productivity.

Team Collaboration and Communication: For teams collaborating on projects or tasks via email, Email Meter provides valuable insights into communication patterns and email interactions. It helps teams identify bottlenecks, streamline communication processes, and foster collaboration for improved project outcomes.

Client Relationship Management: Email Meter enables professionals, such as sales teams or client managers, to better manage client relationships by tracking email interactions and response times. This allows users to ensure timely follow-ups, maintain clear communication, and strengthen client rapport.

Time Management and Prioritization: Individuals can utilize Email Meter to analyze their email usage habits and identify time-wasting activities. By understanding how time is allocated to different email tasks, users can prioritize effectively, set goals, and optimize their time for maximum efficiency.

Performance Evaluation and Goal Setting: Email Meter’s comprehensive email analytics enable users to evaluate their performance over time and set realistic goals for improvement. By tracking metrics such as email response rates and average response times, individuals can benchmark their performance and strive for continuous improvement.

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Who is Email Meter ideal for

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Busy Professionals and Teams: Tailored for professionals and teams overwhelmed by email overload, Email Meter offers insightful analytics to optimize email productivity. Whether you’re a busy executive managing a packed inbox or a team striving for streamlined communication, Email Meter provides actionable insights to enhance efficiency and collaboration.

Remote and Distributed Teams: Ideal for remote and distributed teams, Email Meter offers valuable insights into email communication patterns, helping teams stay connected and productive regardless of location. With detailed metrics on email volume, response times, and busiest periods, Email Meter fosters efficient collaboration and transparent communication across distributed teams.

Individuals Seeking Productivity Gains: For individuals seeking to regain control over their inbox and boost productivity, Email Meter provides valuable insights and actionable recommendations. Whether you’re a freelancer juggling multiple clients or a solopreneur managing your business communications, Email Meter helps you understand your email habits and make informed decisions to optimize your workflow.

Businesses Focused on Data-Driven Decision-Making: Businesses committed to data-driven decision-making can leverage Email Meter’s analytics to gain deeper insights into email performance. With metrics on email volume, response times, and engagement patterns, Email Meter empowers businesses to make informed decisions, improve communication strategies, and drive better results.

Startups and SMBs Scaling Operations: Startups and small to medium-sized businesses scaling their operations can benefit from Email Meter’s insights to streamline email communication and enhance team efficiency. With actionable data on email usage and performance, startups can optimize workflows, prioritize tasks, and drive growth without the need for extensive resources.

Key Features

  • tick-markEmail Analytics
  • tick-markDetailed Metrics Tracking
  • tick-markPerformance Insights
  • tick-markResponse Time Analysis
  • tick-markEmail Volume Monitoring
  • tick-markTeam Collaboration Tools
  • tick-markCustomizable Reporting
  • tick-markHistorical Data Analysis
  • tick-markCross-Platform Compatibility
  • tick-markData Security Measures

Email Meter alternatives and competitors

If you’re seeking alternatives to Email Meter or want to explore other options in the email analytics space, consider these alternatives:
Lifetime access to Email Meter
Email Meter

EmailAnalytics: With its intuitive interface and robust features, EmailAnalytics offers deep insights into email usage patterns and productivity metrics. Ideal for individuals and teams looking to optimize email efficiency and workflow management.

Mailbird: Known for its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with various email providers, Mailbird provides email management solutions for professionals seeking to streamline their inbox and boost productivity.

Boomerang: Offering email scheduling, reminders, and inbox management features, Boomerang is a popular choice among professionals looking to enhance email communication and follow-up strategies.

Yesware: Known for its email tracking, analytics, and sales automation features, Yesware is a comprehensive solution for sales teams and professionals looking to optimize their email outreach efforts and improve client engagement.

Gmelius: Offering email collaboration, automation, and productivity tools, Gmelius is ideal for teams and individuals seeking to streamline email communication, project management, and customer support within their Gmail inbox.


Whether you’re looking for advanced analytics, enhanced inbox management, or seamless integration with productivity tools, these alternatives to Email Meter offer a range of features and functionalities to meet your email management needs.

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