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What is Figma

Figma is a collaborative design platform that enhances the way design teams create, collaborate, and iterate on digital projects. Offering a cloud-based interface, Figma enables real-time collaboration, allowing team members to work seamlessly on the same design files from different locations.

Figma covers the entire design process, from wireframing and prototyping to creating high-fidelity designs. It is widely used by design teams to streamline their workflow, ensure design consistency, and facilitate effective communication among team members.

Figma extends its usability beyond design teams, making it a go-to tool for product managers, developers, and other stakeholders involved in the product development lifecycle.

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Figma Plans and Pricing

Figma’s pricing is designed to accommodate various needs, including startups and established agencies. The platform offers three distinct plans: Professional, Organization, and Enterprise. For a detailed overview of the monthly and annual pricing, simply click on the button below.

Figma Use Cases

Figma, as a versatile collaborative design platform, caters to a range of use cases across the design and product development spectrum. Here are some key applications:
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Collaborative Design Projects: Figma excels in facilitating real-time collaboration among design teams, allowing multiple designers to work concurrently on the same project. This is ideal for streamlining the design process and ensuring consistency across various elements.

Wireframing and Prototyping: Designers leverage Figma to create wireframes and prototypes, providing stakeholders with interactive previews of the user interface. This helps in validating design concepts, gathering feedback, and refining the user experience.

Design Version Control: Figma’s cloud-based nature enables version control, making it easy to track design iterations and changes. This is particularly beneficial for managing design updates, ensuring teams are working on the latest files, and rolling back changes if needed.

Remote Collaboration: Figma’s cloud-based platform is well-suited for remote teams, allowing designers and collaborators to work seamlessly from different locations. This is crucial for distributed teams or organizations with remote work policies.

Handoff to Development: Design-to-development handoff is simplified with Figma. Developers can inspect designs, extract assets, and obtain CSS information directly from the platform, streamlining the transition from design to code.

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Who is Figma ideal for

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Design Teams Collaboration: Figma is tailored for design teams working collaboratively on various projects. Its cloud-based platform enables real-time collaboration, making it an ideal choice for design teams seeking seamless workflows and efficient project management.

Product Designers and UX/UI Professionals: Figma is well-suited for product designers and UX/UI professionals looking to create, iterate, and prototype digital interfaces. Its comprehensive set of design tools and prototyping features make it a go-to platform for crafting user-centric designs.

Remote Design Teams: With its cloud-based infrastructure, Figma is a perfect fit for remote design teams. It allows designers to collaborate from different locations, fostering a flexible work environment and ensuring that teams can work together seamlessly regardless of geographical constraints.

Freelance Designers: Figma provides freelance designers with a platform to work on client projects efficiently. Its collaborative nature allows freelancers to easily share designs with clients, gather feedback, and make revisions in real-time, enhancing the overall client-designer collaboration.

Startups and Small Design Studios: Figma caters to startups and small design studios with lean teams. Its user-friendly interface and collaborative features make it accessible for non-designers as well, enabling startups to create compelling designs without the need for extensive design resources.

Key Features

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  • tick-markCollaboration
  • tick-markMulti-platform Support
  • tick-markVector Editing
  • tick-markCloud Storage
  • tick-markVersion History
  • tick-markDesign Libraries
  • tick-markReal-time Editing
  • tick-markResponsive Design
  • tick-markTeam Libraries

Figma alternatives and competitors

If you’re looking for alternatives to Figma, here are some noteworthy options that cater to different design needs:
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Sketch: A well-established design tool, Sketch is favored for its robust vector editing capabilities. It’s an excellent choice for UI/UX designers who prefer a native application for Mac.

Framer: Framer is a prototyping tool with a focus on interaction design. It allows designers to create realistic prototypes with advanced animations and interactions.

InVision: InVision is a popular prototyping tool that facilitates collaboration among design and development teams. It offers features for designing, prototyping, and user testing.

UXPin: UXPin is a comprehensive design platform that excels in collaborative design and prototyping. With features for creating responsive designs and interactive prototypes, UXPin is an excellent choice for UX/UI designers.

Siter: Siter is a user-friendly design tool that simplifies the website design process. It focuses on providing an intuitive interface for creating visually appealing and functional websites, making it suitable for designers with varying levels of experience.


When choosing a design tool, consider your specific design requirements, collaboration needs, and the preferences of your design team. Each tool mentioned above comes with its unique features and strengths, so explore them to find the one that best aligns with your design workflow.

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