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What is FlowCV

FlowCV is an online platform that enables individuals to create professional resumes and CVs quickly and easily.

It offers customizable templates and intuitive tools to help users craft compelling resumes tailored to their career goals and aspirations.

FlowCV simplifies the resume creation process, allowing users to highlight their skills, experience, and achievements effectively.

It is utilized by job seekers across various industries to enhance their job application efforts and stand out to potential employers.

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FlowCV Plans and Pricing

FlowCV’s pricing is designed to accommodate individuals at various career stages. They offer three plans: Free, Basic, and Pro+. Explore their monthly and annual pricing options by clicking the button below.

FlowCV Use Cases

FlowCV is a versatile platform designed to streamline the resume creation process and enhance job application efforts. Here are some key use cases for FlowCV:
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Job Applications: FlowCV enables job seekers to create professional resumes tailored to specific job openings. Users can highlight their skills, experience, and achievements effectively to stand out to potential employers.

Career Transitions: Individuals looking to transition to a new career field can use FlowCV to create resumes that emphasize relevant skills and experiences, even if they are from different industries.

Freelancing: Freelancers can use FlowCV to showcase their expertise and skills to potential clients. With customizable templates, freelancers can create compelling resumes that highlight their unique offerings and qualifications.

Networking Events: FlowCV allows users to create digital resumes that can be easily shared at networking events and job fairs. This enables individuals to make a memorable impression on recruiters and industry professionals.

Online Profiles: Professionals can use FlowCV to create online profiles that complement their LinkedIn or other professional networking platforms. This ensures consistency across different platforms and helps individuals present a polished professional image online.

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Who is FlowCV ideal for

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Job Seekers: FlowCV caters to individuals looking to create professional resumes and CVs to enhance their job application efforts. Whether you’re a recent graduate, experienced professional, or career changer, FlowCV provides the tools and templates you need to stand out to potential employers.

Career Transitioners: Individuals considering a career change or transitioning to a new field can benefit from FlowCV’s customizable templates and intuitive interface. FlowCV allows you to highlight relevant skills and experiences, making it easier to showcase your qualifications for new opportunities.

Freelancers and Consultants: Freelancers and consultants can leverage FlowCV to create compelling resumes that showcase their expertise and unique offerings to potential clients. With FlowCV’s user-friendly platform, freelancers can present themselves professionally and win more projects.

Networking Professionals: Professionals attending networking events or job fairs can use FlowCV to create digital resumes that leave a lasting impression on recruiters and industry peers. FlowCV’s sleek designs and customizable features help you make a memorable impact in person and online.

Online Professionals: Individuals maintaining an online presence, such as on LinkedIn or personal websites, can use FlowCV to create consistent and professional profiles. FlowCV’s templates ensure that your online presence reflects your skills and experiences accurately and impressively.

Key Features

  • tick-markResume Templates
  • tick-markCustomizable Layouts
  • tick-markEasy-to-Use Interface
  • tick-markCover Letter Builder
  • tick-markOnline Resume Hosting
  • tick-markPDF Download Option
  • tick-markLinkedIn Integration
  • tick-markSkills and Experience Tracking
  • tick-markProfessional Fonts and Formatting
  • tick-markMobile-Friendly Designs

FlowCV alternatives and competitors

Looking for alternatives to FlowCV? Explore platforms like, Novoresume, Zety, Canva, and VisualCV to create professional resumes tailored to your career goals and stand out in your job search.
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FlowCV – Known for its user-friendly interface and customizable templates, offers a range of resume-building tools to help individuals create professional resumes tailored to their career goals.

Novoresume – Novoresume is a popular resume-building platform that provides users with customizable templates and formatting options. It also offers features such as cover letter creation and LinkedIn profile building.

Zety – Zety offers a comprehensive suite of resume-building tools, including resume templates, cover letter builders, and resume review services. It’s known for its professional designs and easy-to-use interface.

Canva – While primarily known for its graphic design capabilities, Canva also offers resume templates and design tools that allow users to create visually appealing resumes and CVs.

VisualCV – VisualCV provides users with customizable resume templates and tools for building interactive online resumes. It’s a popular choice for professionals looking to create dynamic and engaging resumes.


Each of these alternatives offers unique features and benefits, so be sure to explore them to find the best fit for your resume-building needs.

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