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What is Gallabox

Gallabox is a WhatsApp Business Automation Platform that offers solutions to enhance customer engagement and retention. The website promotes various features and functionalities aimed at leveraging the power of WhatsApp conversations for lead generation, bookings, deals, orders, and customer interactions.

The platform integrates seamlessly with multiple software stacks, including CRM and payment processors.

Whether you’re a startup seeking personalized outreach, an e-commerce store optimizing sales channels, or an enterprise streamlining customer interactions, Gallabox enhances communication, boosts sales, and fosters lasting customer relationships.

Gallabox Plans and Pricing

Gallabox offers tailored pricing plans designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, explore the monthly and annual pricing details by clicking on the button below.

Gallabox Use Cases

Gallabox empowers businesses of all sizes to elevate communication, streamline workflows, and build lasting connections with clients and teams. Explore the diverse use cases that make Gallabox the go-to solution for modern businesses.

Customer Interaction: Gallabox transforms customer interactions by seamlessly integrating with WhatsApp, allowing businesses to engage clients effectively. From personalized broadcasts to interactive messaging, Gallabox creates a powerful channel for sales, support, and building lasting customer relationships.

Team Collaboration: Ideal for remote teams, Gallabox features a shared team inbox for real-time context and collaboration. Agents can easily share updates, mention colleagues, and streamline communication, making it a go-to platform for enhancing team collaboration and efficiency.

Campaign Management: Simplify campaign management with Gallabox’s automated sequences. Whether it’s customer onboarding, event reminders, or product launches, businesses can automate messaging, increasing customer engagement and streamlining marketing efforts.

Catalog Integration: Showcase and sell products directly through WhatsApp with Gallabox. Businesses can integrate their product catalogs, send order confirmations, and provide personalized billing updates, transforming WhatsApp into a powerful sales channel.

AI-Powered Customer Support: Gallabox’s AI-powered conversations transcend standard templates, offering expert assistance in customers’ native languages. Break down technical jargon into simple messages, enhancing trust, and providing a personalized support experience.



Who is Gallabox ideal for

Marketing Agencies: Ideal for agencies seeking innovative and personalized communication solutions, Gallabox transforms WhatsApp into a powerful channel for client engagement, personalized broadcasts, and automated campaigns without the need for extensive technical resources.

Local Businesses: For local businesses venturing online with limited budgets, Gallabox provides a cost-effective solution for setting up and managing customer interactions on WhatsApp. The platform’s startup-friendly pricing and user-friendly interface make it accessible to businesses without extensive technical knowledge.

E-commerce Enterprises: E-commerce businesses leveraging WhatsApp as a sales channel can enhance their product catalogs, automate order updates, and engage customers effectively with Gallabox. The platform’s integration capabilities make it a valuable asset for businesses aiming to convert WhatsApp into a robust sales channel.

Tech-Savvy Startup Founders: Startup founders with lean teams and limited technical expertise can benefit from Gallabox’s user-friendly interface. It offers more control over WhatsApp interactions without the need for in-house development, providing founders with the freedom to manage customer engagement efficiently.

Freelancers: Freelancers looking to streamline client communication and offer unique WhatsApp solutions can benefit from Gallabox. With user-friendly features and customizable templates, freelancers can quickly deliver professional and personalized messaging services to clients without heavy design dependencies.

Key Features

  • tick-markWhatsApp Integration
  • tick-markWhatsApp Chatbots
  • tick-markAI-Powered Conversations
  • tick-markClick-to-WhatsApp Ads
  • tick-markShared Team Inbox
  • tick-markAutomated Campaigns
  • tick-markProduct Catalog Integration
  • tick-markAI-Powered Support
  • tick-markVersatile Integrations
  • tick-markRecording Meetings

Gallabox alternatives and competitors

If you’re seeking immediate alternatives to Gallabox for enhanced team collaboration and customer engagement, explore these diverse options tailored to your specific communication needs:
Lifetime Access to Gallabox

Wati: Wati has emerged as a key player in the WhatsApp automation space, offering a range of features for businesses. With a focus on versatility and user-friendly solutions, Wati provides efficient tools for personalized customer interactions.

Zoko: Zoko stands out as one of the longstanding companies in the messaging solutions arena. With a wealth of experience, Zoko provides a reliable platform for businesses looking to streamline their messaging processes and enhance customer engagement.

Verloop: Known for its comprehensive set of features, Verloop excels in providing businesses with a unified platform for customer interactions. From AI-powered chatbots to personalized messaging, Verloop offers a versatile solution for enhancing customer relationships.

Interakt: Interakt distinguishes itself by offering seamless integration capabilities, making it a strong competitor for businesses seeking to unify their communication channels. With a focus on simplicity and effectiveness, Interakt is a valuable alternative.

Infobip: Infobip stands out for its robust messaging solutions, catering to a global clientele. As a versatile alternative, Infobip offers businesses the tools they need for effective communication, customer engagement, and personalized messaging.


Explore these alternatives to Gallabox, each bringing its unique strengths to the table, whether it’s rapid evolution, established presence, comprehensive features, user-friendly interfaces, or global reach.

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