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What is Genie AI

Genie AI is a legal AI platform crafted to simplify and democratize legal processes, catering particularly to businesses and individuals without easy access to traditional legal services. Offering a set of features, Genie AI empowers users to address their legal needs efficiently.

At its core, Genie AI facilitates AI-powered document creation and review with a vast library of over 3000 legal templates, covering diverse business scenarios such as contracts, NDAs, and employment agreements.

The platform goes beyond static templates by providing a library of 500+ individual clauses for customizable documents. An AI assistant guides users through the drafting process, ensuring accuracy, and completeness, and even conducts automated risk reviews to identify potential issues.

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Genie AI Plans and Pricing

Genie AI’s pricing structure is meticulously designed to accommodate startups and emerging agencies. The platform offers two distinct plans: Do It Yourself, and AI Assistant. For detailed information on both monthly and annual pricing, click on the button below to explore the options that best align with your needs.

Genie AI Use Cases

Genie AI, the innovative legal AI platform, offers versatile use cases designed to simplify legal processes for businesses and individuals alike:
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AI-Powered Document Creation and Review: Genie AI revolutionizes document creation with its extensive library of 3000+ legal templates. Ideal for businesses, it enables the swift generation of contracts, NDAs, and employment agreements. Users can also customize documents with a library of 500+ individual clauses, guided by an AI assistant for accuracy and completeness. Automated risk reviews further ensure document integrity.

Real-time Collaboration and Communication: Enhancing teamwork, Genie AI facilitates seamless collaboration on legal documents in real-time. With AI-powered comments and replies, users can efficiently provide feedback and discuss clauses. The platform includes clause-by-clause approval functionality to track contract review progress.

Project Management and Security: Genie AI goes beyond document-centric features, incorporating robust project management tools. Businesses can effectively manage complex legal projects, setting granular user and counterparty permissions for enhanced control over access and visibility. The platform prioritizes data privacy, employing secure methods and encryption.

Legal Compliance Audits: Genie AI proves invaluable for businesses undergoing legal compliance audits. The platform facilitates a systematic review of existing legal documents, ensuring alignment with the latest regulations. Through AI-powered analysis, Genie AI identifies potential compliance gaps and offers recommendations for corrective action, enabling businesses to maintain a robust and legally sound foundation.

Contract Lifecycle Management: Streamlining the entire contract lifecycle, Genie AI enhances efficiency in contract creation, negotiation, and renewal. Users can leverage the platform to draft contracts, collaborate with stakeholders in real-time, and track the status of contracts throughout their lifecycle. With automated reminders and notifications, Genie AI ensures that critical contract milestones are never overlooked, empowering businesses to manage contracts seamlessly.

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Who is Genie AI ideal for

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Legal Professionals and Firms: Genie AI is tailored for legal professionals and law firms looking to streamline their document creation and review processes. The platform’s AI-powered assistance ensures accuracy and completeness in legal documents, making it an essential tool for those navigating complex legal landscapes.

Businesses with Compliance Needs: Ideal for businesses operating in highly regulated industries, Genie AI caters to those with stringent compliance requirements. The platform’s automated risk review and compliance auditing capabilities help businesses identify and address potential legal compliance gaps, ensuring adherence to the latest regulations.

Startups and Entrepreneurs: Genie AI is well-suited for startups and entrepreneurs aiming to establish a strong legal foundation without the need for extensive legal expertise. The platform’s user-friendly interface and access to a diverse library of legal templates empower startups to manage legal tasks efficiently, enabling them to focus on business growth.

Individuals Managing Personal Legal Affairs: Genie AI provides a convenient solution for individuals handling personal legal affairs, such as drafting wills or leases. With its extensive library of legal templates and AI-guided document creation, the platform enables users to manage their legal documentation without the necessity of seeking expert assistance.

Freelancers and Consultants: Freelancers and consultants seeking cost-effective legal support can benefit from Genie AI. The platform offers high-quality legal documents at an affordable price point, making it a valuable resource for independent professionals looking to meet their legal requirements without the overhead of traditional legal services.

Key Features

  • tick-markAI-powered Document Creation
  • tick-mark3000+ Legal Templates
  • tick-markLibrary of 500+ Individual Clauses
  • tick-markAutomated Risk Review
  • tick-markReal-time Collaboration
  • tick-markAI-powered Comments and Replies
  • tick-markClause-by-Clause Approval Functionality
  • tick-markProject Management Tools
  • tick-markGranular User and Counterparty Permissions
  • tick-markData Privacy and Secure Encryption

Genie AI alternatives and competitors

For those exploring alternatives to Genie AI or seeking immediate solutions, here are some compelling options to consider:
Lifetime access to Genie AI
Genie AI

LegalSifter: LegalSifter is a notable player in the legal tech space, offering AI-driven contract review and analysis. It excels in quickly identifying key terms and potential issues within legal documents, making it a robust alternative for businesses and legal professionals.

Contractbook: Contractbook provides a comprehensive platform for contract creation, management, and electronic signing. With its user-friendly interface and collaboration tools, Contractbook is suitable for businesses of all sizes, offering an alternative solution for those seeking streamlined contract workflows.

Cognitiv+: Cognitiv+ is an AI-powered contract analysis platform that emphasizes contract intelligence. It offers features such as risk identification, compliance checking, and data extraction, making it a competitive choice for businesses looking to enhance their contract review processes.

Ironclad: Ironclad is a robust contract lifecycle management platform designed to simplify and automate the contract workflow. With features like contract creation, collaboration, and analytics, Ironclad provides an alternative for businesses seeking end-to-end contract management solutions.


While Genie AI stands out in the legal AI space, exploring these alternatives can help businesses find the right fit for their specific needs and preferences. Each alternative brings its own set of features and strengths, ensuring a diverse range of options for efficient and effective legal processes.

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