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What is Grain

Grain is a collaboration and communication tool designed to enhance remote teamwork. It enables teams to capture and share key moments from virtual meetings, turning conversations into actionable content.

Grain covers various aspects of the collaboration process, allowing users to record, clip, and share important snippets from online meetings. It’s a valuable asset for teams engaged in virtual collaboration, offering features from real-time transcription to seamless integration with popular video conferencing platforms.

Grain is widely used by remote teams to enhance communication, capture insights, and streamline collaboration across various industries.

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Grain Plans and Pricing

Grain’s pricing is designed to accommodate startups and emerging agencies, featuring three plans: Starter, Business, and Enterprise. To explore the monthly and annual pricing details, simply click on the button below.

Grain Use Cases

Grain is a dynamic collaboration platform tailored to enhance remote teamwork and communication. It is versatile and finds application in various scenarios:
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Meeting Highlights and Recap: Capture the most crucial moments of virtual meetings with Grain. Create highlights or recaps to share key insights, decisions, or action items with team members who might have missed the live session.

Team Training and Onboarding: Facilitate effective team training and onboarding sessions by recording important segments of virtual meetings. Grain allows teams to revisit training content and provides a valuable resource for new members.

Client Presentations: Deliver impactful client presentations by using Grain to record and share specific sections of virtual meetings. Enhance transparency and client communication by providing concise and visual updates.

Project Collaboration: Streamline project collaboration by recording discussions related to specific tasks or milestones. Grain ensures that project details are well-documented, facilitating better understanding and collaboration among team members.

Content Creation: Turn virtual discussions into valuable content by using Grain to record insights, brainstorming sessions, or creative discussions. Transform raw ideas into shareable content for marketing, blog posts, or internal knowledge sharing.

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Who is Grain ideal for

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Remote Teams and Collaboration: Grain is tailored for remote teams and organizations looking to enhance collaboration by providing a platform for effective communication, meeting highlights, and content sharing.

Sales and Client Communication: Ideal for sales teams, Grain facilitates client communication by allowing the recording and sharing of key sales discussions, presentations, and follow-ups, ensuring clarity and transparency in client interactions.

Training and Onboarding: Grain is well-suited for companies focusing on training and onboarding processes. It enables the recording of training sessions, making it a valuable resource for educating new hires and ensuring consistent onboarding experiences.

Content Creators and Creatives: For individuals involved in content creation, such as marketers, creatives, and social media managers, Grain serves as a tool to capture ideas, brainstorming sessions, and creative discussions. It transforms these interactions into shareable content for various platforms.

Project Collaboration and Documentation: Teams involved in project collaboration can benefit from Grain’s ability to document project discussions and decisions. It becomes a valuable resource for project documentation and ensures that important details are easily accessible.

Key Features

  • tick-markAutomated Transcription
  • tick-markMeeting Highlights
  • tick-markAction Item Tracking
  • tick-markCollaboration Insights
  • tick-markNote-taking Capabilities
  • tick-markSearchable Meeting Archive
  • tick-markIntegrations with Productivity Tools
  • tick-markAnalytics and Reporting
  • tick-markAI-driven Meeting Summaries
  • tick-markUser-friendly Interface

Grain alternatives and competitors

If you’re seeking alternatives to Grain or looking for a similar tool to enhance your team’s collaboration and communication, here are some recurring options to explore:
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tl;dv: tl;dv is a concise meeting summary tool that focuses on distilling key insights from discussions. It offers an efficient way to review important points without the need to go through entire meeting recordings.

Fathom: Fathom is a meeting analytics platform that provides actionable insights into team collaboration. It emphasizes data-driven decision-making by tracking meeting metrics and analyzing patterns.

Avoma: Avoma is an AI-driven meeting assistant designed to improve communication and collaboration. It offers features like automatic transcription, meeting analytics, and action item tracking to enhance overall productivity.

Gong: Gong is a conversation analytics platform that specializes in analyzing sales calls and meetings. It provides insights to help sales teams understand customer interactions better and improve their strategies.

Wudpecker: Wudpecker is a meeting intelligence platform that focuses on extracting valuable insights from meetings. It offers features such as transcription, summarization, and analysis to enhance collaboration and decision-making.


Each of these alternatives brings unique features to the table, catering to various aspects of meeting management and collaboration. Explore these options to find the one that aligns best with your team’s specific needs and objectives.

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