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What is Graphy

Graphy is a platform designed to streamline online coaching and content creation. It empowers creators and educators by offering tools to conduct live classes, host webinars, and manage memberships seamlessly.

From scheduling sessions to processing payments, Graphy covers various aspects of the online coaching and content creation journey. It is utilized by educators to conduct virtual classes, content creators to engage with their audience through webinars, and professionals to monetize their expertise by managing memberships effectively.

Graphy serves as an integrated solution for individuals and businesses looking to enhance their online coaching and content-creation endeavors.

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Graphy Plans and Pricing

Graphy’s pricing is strategically designed to support startups and emerging agencies. With two distinct plans – Launch, and Rise, Graphy offers a range of options to meet your specific needs. Explore the detailed monthly and annual pricing by clicking on the button below.

Graphy Use Cases

Graphy caters to diverse use cases, providing valuable solutions for individuals and businesses engaged in online coaching and content creation:
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Virtual Classes for Educators: Graphy enables educators to conduct live virtual classes, offering a platform for interactive and engaging teaching sessions. From subject-specific classes to skill development, educators can leverage Graphy to reach a global audience.

Webinars for Content Creators: Content creators utilize Graphy to host webinars, fostering direct interaction with their audience. Whether sharing industry insights, conducting workshops, or launching new content, Graphy facilitates effective communication and audience engagement.

Membership Management for Professionals: Professionals and experts leverage Graphy’s membership management features to monetize their knowledge. By offering exclusive content, access to resources, and a community platform, Graphy supports individuals in building and managing their membership programs.

Coaching and Consultation for Business Professionals: Business professionals use Graphy to provide personalized coaching and consultation services. The platform assists in scheduling sessions, processing payments, and managing client interactions, making it an efficient tool for professionals offering one-on-one guidance.

Monetization of Expertise: Graphy serves as a valuable platform for individuals aiming to monetize their expertise. By creating and selling courses, hosting paid webinars, and managing memberships, users can turn their skills and knowledge into a sustainable source of income.

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Who is Graphy ideal for

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Online Educators and Coaches: Ideal for educators, trainers, and coaches, Graphy provides a comprehensive platform for conducting virtual classes, coaching sessions, and offering educational content. Whether you’re a language tutor, fitness instructor, or business coach, Graphy supports diverse educational niches.

Content Creators and Influencers: Tailored for content creators and influencers, Graphy serves as a hub for hosting webinars, live Q&A sessions, and exclusive content. With features for monetization, it empowers influencers to connect directly with their audience and build a sustainable income stream.

Professionals Offering Consultations: Business professionals, consultants, and experts can leverage Graphy to offer personalized consultations. The platform streamlines appointment scheduling, payment processing, and client management, making it an ideal solution for those providing one-on-one guidance.

Individuals Monetizing Expertise: Graphy is perfect for individuals looking to monetize their expertise. Whether you’re a chef sharing cooking tips, a tech expert offering coding lessons, or an artist providing creative tutorials, Graphy enables you to turn your skills into a lucrative online business.

Community Builders and Membership Managers: Ideal for those building online communities and managing memberships, Graphy facilitates the creation of exclusive groups. This is beneficial for community organizers, industry leaders, or anyone seeking to foster a sense of belonging among their audience.

Key Features

  • tick-markCourse Creation
  • tick-markMonetization Options
  • tick-markCommunity Building
  • tick-markAnalytics and Reporting
  • tick-markMobile Responsiveness
  • tick-markCustom Branding
  • tick-markMarketing Tools
  • tick-markUser Management
  • tick-markIntegrations
  • tick-markContent Delivery

Graphy alternatives and competitors

If you’re exploring alternatives to Graphy, consider these platforms for diverse features and functionalities:
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Teachable: A well-established platform, Teachable is ideal for course creators. It offers a user-friendly interface for designing and selling online courses, with features like quizzes, discussion forums, and integrated payment options.

Thinkific: Thinkific is a comprehensive online course platform suitable for entrepreneurs and businesses. It provides tools for course creation, marketing, and sales, allowing users to build and sell courses with ease.

Kajabi: Kajabi is an all-in-one platform catering to online educators, coaches, and content creators. It includes features for course creation, website building, marketing automation, and more, streamlining the entire online business process.

Podia: Podia is a versatile platform for digital product creators, offering features for selling online courses, memberships, and digital downloads. With an intuitive interface, it simplifies the process of building an online business.

Mighty Networks: Mighty Networks is a community-building platform suitable for creators and entrepreneurs. It enables users to build branded communities, online courses, and memberships, fostering engagement among their audience.


While each platform has its strengths, the choice depends on your specific needs and the type of online business you aim to create. Explore these alternatives to find the one that aligns best with your goals.

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