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What is Guidde

Guidde is a software tool designed to enhance the creation of video documentation. By seamlessly combining screen and voice recording capabilities, Guidde empowers both individuals and teams to effortlessly capture and share knowledge.

Its intuitive AI technology automatically organizes recordings, enabling users to create searchable and easily navigable content. Additionally, Guidde breathes new life into existing videos by transforming them into interactive playbooks with annotations.

Sharing these video guides becomes a breeze, fostering collaboration across teams, customers, or clients on any platform. Users of Guidde benefit from a paradigm shift in knowledge sharing, moving away from text-heavy manuals to clear, concise video explanations.

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Guidde Plans and Pricing

Guidde’s pricing structure is meticulously designed to accommodate startups and emerging agencies. Featuring three distinct plans – Pro, Business, and Enterprise – Guidde ensures a tailored approach to diverse user needs. To explore the detailed monthly and annual pricing for each plan, simply click on the button below.

Guidde Use Cases

Guidde, a cutting-edge software tool for video documentation, offers versatile use cases across various scenarios:
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Efficient Knowledge Sharing in Sales and Marketing: Guidde proves invaluable for sales and marketing teams seeking to create compelling product demos, engaging training materials, and effective customer support videos. The tool allows these teams to showcase their offerings visually, enhancing client communication and removing ambiguity.

Interactive User Guides for Software Companies: Software companies can leverage Guidde to build interactive user guides and onboarding tutorials. The platform’s capability to transform existing videos into dynamic playbooks with annotations adds an interactive dimension to software explanations, making it easier for users to grasp complex concepts.

Enhanced Collaboration for Remote and Hybrid Teams: In the era of remote and hybrid work, Guidde becomes a central hub for knowledge sharing and collaboration. Teams spread across locations can efficiently share insights, workflows, and project updates through video guides, fostering a sense of connection and productivity.

Personalized Expertise Sharing for Individual Creators: Guidde empowers individual creators, such as educators, influencers, and experts, to share their expertise with audiences in an engaging format. The tool enables them to create tutorials and walkthroughs that captivate their audience, establishing a more dynamic and interactive connection.

Streamlining Internal Training Processes: Guidde plays a pivotal role in optimizing internal training for organizations. By allowing teams to record and share step-by-step workflows, processes, and software tutorials, Guidde becomes a go-to tool for facilitating employee onboarding and continuous training. The platform ensures that new hires can quickly grasp organizational procedures, software applications, and best practices through visually rich and easily accessible video guides. This use case contributes to reducing training time, enhancing knowledge retention, and fostering a more efficient and well-informed workforce.

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Who is Guidde ideal for

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Project Managers and Teams: Guidde is tailor-made for project managers and teams seeking an efficient platform for creating video documentation. Whether collaborating on intricate projects, managing workflows, or onboarding new team members, Guidde provides a centralized hub for capturing, organizing, and sharing knowledge seamlessly.

Content Creators and Educators: Ideal for content creators, educators, and trainers, Guidde enables the creation of engaging video guides and tutorials. Whether sharing expertise with an audience or enhancing the learning experience, the platform’s intuitive features make it easy to capture, annotate, and share valuable insights in an interactive format.

Software Development Teams: Software development teams can benefit from Guidde’s capabilities in creating dynamic video documentation for coding processes, software workflows, and troubleshooting guides. The platform enhances collaboration and communication within development teams, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of coding practices and project workflows.

Remote and Hybrid Teams: Guidde is a valuable asset for remote and hybrid teams looking to bridge communication gaps. With its ability to create clear and concise video documentation, the platform facilitates efficient knowledge sharing, collaboration, and project coordination across team members working from different locations.

Customer Support and Service Teams: Customer support and service teams can leverage Guidde to provide exceptional support through personalized video responses. The tool allows teams to visually guide customers through troubleshooting processes, enhancing the overall customer experience and reducing resolution time.

Key Features

  • tick-markScreen and Voice Recording
  • tick-markAI-Powered Organization
  • tick-markTransformation of Existing Videos
  • tick-markSeamless Sharing Capabilities
  • tick-markCustomizable Templates
  • tick-markCentralized Knowledge Hub
  • tick-markStreamlined Onboarding
  • tick-markDynamic Video Playbooks
  • tick-markAnnotation Features
  • tick-markNoise Cancellation in Meetings

Guidde alternatives and competitors

If you’re looking for alternatives to Guidde or need a solution without waiting for a Guidde lifetime deal, consider exploring these recurring options:
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Loom: Loom is a popular choice in the video documentation space, offering quick and easy screen recording features. With a user-friendly interface, Loom allows users to capture and share video messages seamlessly.

Scribe: Scribe stands out as a noteworthy alternative to Guidde, providing a user-friendly platform for creating engaging video documentation. With features for easy screen and voice recording, Scribe empowers individuals and teams to capture and share knowledge seamlessly.

Zight: Zight presents a robust alternative to Guidde, focusing on streamlining video documentation processes. Its intuitive interface facilitates the recording of screen and voice, making it a valuable tool for creating comprehensive video guides and tutorials.

FlowShare: FlowShare offers a unique alternative with a focus on collaborative workflows and process documentation. Teams can leverage its features for capturing workflows, sharing knowledge, and enhancing collaboration within the organization.

Trainual: Trainual serves as a comprehensive alternative to Guidde, particularly in the realm of employee training and onboarding. With tools for creating interactive training materials and documenting processes, Trainual helps organizations streamline their knowledge-sharing initiatives.


These alternatives, including Scribe, Zight, FlowShare, and Trainual, cater to different aspects of video documentation and knowledge sharing. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, exploring these alternatives can help you find the ideal platform to enhance your team’s communication and collaboration.

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