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What is Hiver

Hiver is a collaborative email platform designed to streamline teamwork within Gmail. It enhances communication and productivity by turning your Gmail into a shared workspace.

With features like shared inboxes and collaborative notes, Hiver simplifies email management and allows teams to work seamlessly, whether it’s handling customer support, managing projects, or coordinating tasks.

Hiver goes beyond traditional email functionality by introducing shared labels, collision alerts, and automated workflows. Hiver is utilized by teams across various domains to enhance collaboration and efficiency in their email communication.

Hiver Plans and Pricing

Hiver’s pricing is designed to meet the needs of startups and growing agencies. They offer three plans: Lite, Pro, and Elite. To explore their monthly and annual pricing, click the button below.

Hiver Use Cases

Transforming email into a powerhouse for team collaboration, Hiver goes beyond conventional inbox management. From shared inbox efficiency to seamless project coordination, Hiver empowers teams to enhance customer support, streamline sales collaboration, and optimize workflows, all within the familiar environment of Gmail.

Shared Inbox Management: Hiver streamlines shared inbox management, enabling teams to efficiently handle emails directed to shared addresses like support@ or sales@. This ensures quick responses, task assignments, and a seamless communication flow among team members.

Customer Support Excellence: Enhance your customer support operations with Hiver. It simplifies ticket management, allowing teams to assign queries to the right members for prompt resolution. This enhances overall customer satisfaction through efficient and organized support processes.

Project Coordination: Hiver facilitates effective project collaboration within teams. Through shared labels, teams can categorize project-related emails and tasks, ensuring that project communication remains organized and accessible to all relevant stakeholders.

Sales Collaboration: Boost sales team productivity by leveraging Hiver’s shared inboxes and labels. Coordinate outreach efforts, track leads, and prevent duplicative actions, ensuring a streamlined and collaborative sales process.

Task Delegation and Workflow Automation: Utilize Hiver’s automated workflows to delegate tasks based on predefined rules. This ensures swift and accurate assignment of responsibilities, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

Who is Hiver ideal for

Customer Support Teams: Hiver streamlines customer support operations directly within Gmail, making it perfect for teams managing shared inboxes. It ensures efficient collaboration, organized responses, and improved customer satisfaction.

Sales and Account Management: Ideal for sales teams working in Gmail, Hiver facilitates seamless collaboration on client communications, deal updates, and shared notes. It transforms Gmail into a powerful space for sales coordination.

Project and Task Management: Hiver is suitable for teams looking to centralize project communication within Gmail. It simplifies task management, enhances collaboration, and ensures that project updates are seamlessly communicated in the email environment.

Cross-Functional Teams: Businesses with cross-functional teams benefit from Hiver’s ability to integrate collaboration directly into Gmail. Whether it’s marketing, finance, or operations, Hiver ensures smooth communication and task coordination.

Remote Teams and Freelancers: Hiver caters to remote teams and freelancers by providing a collaborative workspace within Gmail. It’s an ideal solution for those who rely on Gmail for communication and seek enhanced collaboration without switching between multiple tools.

Key Features

  • tick-markShared Inboxes
  • tick-markEmail Notes
  • tick-markCollision Alerts
  • tick-markEmail Assignment
  • tick-markAutomations
  • tick-markEmail Templates
  • tick-markTags and Labels
  • tick-markAnalytics and Reports
  • tick-markEmail Snooze
  • tick-markKnowledge Base

Hiver alternatives and competitors

If you’re seeking alternatives to Hiver or looking for similar tools to enhance your email collaboration experience, consider the following options:
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Front: A collaborative inbox solution, Front enables teams to manage emails, chat, and other communication channels in one shared space. It’s suitable for businesses looking to streamline team collaboration directly within their email environment.

Gmelius: Gmelius is designed to enhance team collaboration within Gmail. It offers features like shared inboxes, email notes, and project boards, making it an ideal choice for teams looking to improve communication and productivity in Gmail.

Drag: Transform your Gmail into a shared workspace with Drag. It’s a Kanban-style task management tool that allows teams to collaborate seamlessly within their email. Drag is suitable for those who want to manage tasks directly from their inbox.

Helm: Helm is a collaborative email platform that focuses on simplifying shared inbox management. It’s an alternative for teams seeking efficient ways to collaborate on emails, tasks, and projects without leaving their email environment.

Missive: Missive is a collaborative email platform that combines email, chat, and tasks in one unified workspace. It’s a suitable alternative for teams looking to streamline communication and collaboration within their email system.


Each of these alternatives offers unique features and approaches to email collaboration and management. Consider factors such as team size, specific collaboration needs, and integration requirements when choosing the right tool for your organization.

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