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What is Instantly

Instantly is a sales automation software designed to empower businesses to grow through effective cold email outreach. Unlike traditional email marketing platforms, Instantly focuses on helping you land your cold emails directly in your prospects’ inboxes, maximizing the chance of getting a response.

The platform offers tools to help you create targeted and engaging email campaigns. You can easily personalize your emails with fields, increasing the likelihood of grabbing your prospect’s attention and sparking a conversation.

Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or just starting out with cold email outreach, Instantly equips you with the tools and features you need to launch successful campaigns and connect with your target audience.



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Instantly Plans and Pricing

Instantly offers flexible pricing options designed to meet the needs of startups and young agencies with distinct plans: Growth, Hypergrowth, Growth Leads and Hyperleads. To explore detailed monthly and annual pricing information, simply click on the button below.

Instantly Use Cases

Explore these use cases to see how Instantly can help you find leads, personalize campaigns, automate tasks, and optimize your outreach strategy.
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B2B Lead Generation: Instantly streamlines the process of finding and contacting qualified B2B leads. Its built-in lead finder allows you to search a massive database of contacts to identify potential customers who align with your ideal buyer persona. This eliminates the need for manual lead research, saving you time and effort while expanding your outreach.

Craft Personalized Cold Email Campaigns: Instantly goes beyond simply sending emails. It empowers you to create targeted and personalized cold email campaigns that resonate with your audience. The platform provides tools to insert dynamic fields such as names and company details, personalizing each email and increasing engagement rates.

Optimize Email Deliverability and Avoid Spam: A crucial aspect of cold email success is ensuring your messages reach their intended recipients. Instantly tackles this challenge with its automated email warmup feature. This tool simulates real user engagement patterns, warming up your email accounts and minimizing the risk of getting flagged as spam.

Automate Repetitive Tasks and Scale Outreach Efforts: Manually crafting and sending cold emails can be time-consuming. Instantly automates numerous tasks associated with email outreach. You can schedule email sequences, set follow-up emails, and manage multiple email accounts from a single platform, freeing you up to focus on other high-value sales activities.

Measure Campaign Performance and Refine Your Strategy: Data-driven insights are key to optimizing your cold email campaigns. Instantly provides comprehensive campaign analytics that track metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and replies. By analyzing this data, you can identify what’s working and what’s not, allowing you to refine your approach and continuously improve your email outreach strategy.

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Who is Instantly ideal for

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B2B Sales Teams and SDRs: Instantly is a powerful tool for B2B sales teams and Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) looking to scale their cold email outreach and generate qualified leads.

Marketing Agencies and Lead Generation Specialists: Marketing agencies and lead generation specialists can leverage Instantly’s features to streamline their outreach efforts for clients, personalize campaigns, and improve deliverability rates.

Startups and Growing Businesses: Instantly is a cost-effective solution for startups and growing businesses to launch targeted cold email campaigns and connect with potential customers without the limitations of per-account pricing models.

Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs: Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs can benefit from Instantly’s user-friendly interface and automated features to efficiently manage their own cold email outreach and grow their sales pipeline.

Anyone Using Cold Email for B2B Outreach: Regardless of company size or industry, Instantly is a valuable tool for anyone who relies on cold email outreach to connect with potential B2B customers.

Key Features

  • tick-markEmail Personalization
  • tick-markAutomated Follow-ups
  • tick-markEmail Campaign Analytics
  • tick-markA/B Testing
  • tick-markTemplate Management
  • tick-markList Segmentation
  • tick-markIntegration with CRMs
  • tick-markBounce Rate Management
  • tick-markUnsubscribe Link Insertion
  • tick-markSchedule Campaigns

Instantly alternatives and competitors

If you want to explore other options for your cold email outreach, here’s a list curated for you. Choose the one that best fits your needs.
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Instantly Similar to Instantly, is a B2B sales automation platform with a strong focus on cold email outreach. It offers features like email finder tools, multi-channel outreach (including email sequences and social selling), and campaign analytics.

Lemlist: Lemlist is a cold email outreach platform with a focus on email personalization and design. It offers features like drag-and-drop email templates, video personalization, and A/B testing.

Mailshake: A comprehensive platform for cold email and sales engagement, Mailshake offers a range of tools for email personalization, automation, and tracking. It’s geared towards sales professionals and marketers looking to drive engagement and results through targeted email sequences.

Snovio: Snovio is a lead generation platform that offers a suite of tools for finding email addresses, verifying email validity, and managing email outreach campaigns. While it doesn’t offer the same level of email automation as Instantly or, it can be a good option for businesses looking for a more targeted approach to lead generation.

Salesloft: As a sales engagement platform, Salesloft provides a more extensive suite of features beyond email, including calling, social media integration, and analytics. It’s aimed at sales teams looking for a comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of their sales process from a single platform.


These Instantly alternatives cater to a range of needs from simple email campaigns to comprehensive sales engagement strategies. Depending on the complexity of your outreach efforts, the size of your team, and the specific features you value, one of these options could serve as the ideal solution to enhance your sales and marketing efforts.

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