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What is Iubenda

Iubenda is a solution designed to simplify legal compliance for websites and apps. It offers a range of tools to help businesses and website owners generate and manage privacy and cookie policies, terms and conditions, and other legal documents.

Iubenda aids in navigating the complex landscape of data protection regulations, ensuring that websites and apps comply with global privacy laws. From creating customized privacy policies to managing cookie consent banners, Iubenda provides an all-encompassing platform to address legal requirements related to data protection.

Businesses across various industries leverage Iubenda to protect user data and meet regulatory standards, making it an essential tool for legal compliance in the digital era.

Iubenda Plans and Pricing

Iubenda’s pricing is designed to accommodate various business needs, offering three plans: Essentials, Advanced, and Ultimate. For detailed information on their monthly and annual pricing, click the button below.

Iubenda Use Cases

Elevate your compliance strategy with Iubenda, a leading SaaS solution transforming legal processes. Simplify data protection, privacy policy creation, and compliance management, ensuring seamless navigation through intricate legal landscapes for businesses of all sizes.

Privacy Policy Generation: Iubenda serves as a vital tool for businesses and website owners to create customized privacy policies tailored to their specific data processing practices, ensuring legal compliance with global privacy regulations.

Cookie Consent Management: Iubenda enables websites and apps to handle cookie consent with ease. It provides solutions for creating and managing cookie banners, helping businesses adhere to legal requirements and obtain user consent for data collection.

Terms and Conditions Creation: Businesses can leverage Iubenda to generate comprehensive terms and conditions documents. This feature is particularly valuable for e-commerce platforms, mobile apps, and online services, offering legal protection and clarity to users.

Legal Compliance for Apps: Iubenda caters to the unique legal challenges faced by mobile applications. It assists app developers and owners in crafting app-specific privacy policies and terms of service to align with regulations governing mobile app usage.

Data Protection across Industries: Iubenda’s versatility makes it suitable for a wide array of industries. Whether in e-commerce, SaaS, or online services, businesses can use Iubenda to ensure that their data protection practices comply with industry-specific regulations.

Who is Iubenda ideal for

Digital Agencies: Tailored to digital agencies, Iubenda simplifies the complexities of legal compliance. Craft privacy policies, terms and conditions, and cookie banners effortlessly, ensuring seamless adherence to regulations and enhancing client trust.

Legal Departments: Ideal for legal teams within businesses, Iubenda streamlines the creation and management of comprehensive legal documents. Stay ahead of privacy laws, effortlessly generate compliance solutions, and ensure the protection of sensitive data.

E-commerce Businesses: Perfect for online businesses, Iubenda facilitates the creation of privacy policies and terms of service. Ensure compliance with data protection regulations and build trust with customers, fostering a secure and transparent online shopping experience.

Tech Startups: Startups navigating legal complexities can benefit from Iubenda’s user-friendly tools. Empower tech entrepreneurs to effortlessly generate essential legal documents, ensuring compliance and fostering a foundation for sustainable growth.

SaaS Platforms: Tailored for software-as-a-service providers, Iubenda offers a comprehensive solution for generating privacy policies and terms of service. Streamline legal compliance, building trust with users and maintaining a secure digital environment.

Key Features

  • tick-markPrivacy Policy Generator
  • tick-markCookie Solution
  • tick-markTerms and Conditions Generator
  • tick-markCookie Policy Generator
  • tick-markConsent Solution
  • tick-markData Processing Agreement Generator
  • tick-markCookie Consent Management
  • tick-markLegal Document Hosting
  • tick-markWebsite Terms and Conditions
  • tick-markCompliance Dashboard

Iubenda alternatives and competitors

Explore dynamic alternatives to Iubenda for robust privacy policy solutions and legal compliance. Whether you’re seeking alternatives due to time constraints or aiming to discover more options, check out Termly, GetTerms, and Privacy Policies for comprehensive and effective legal solutions.
Lifetime access to Iubenda

Termageddon: A rapidly growing player, Termageddon offers automated and regularly updated privacy policies, terms of service, and more. Stay effortlessly compliant with evolving regulations.

Termly: With a robust set of features, Termly provides solutions for creating legally compliant privacy policies, terms and conditions, and cookie consent banners. Ensure your online presence aligns with legal standards. Simplify compliance with, offering easy-to-use tools for generating privacy policies, terms of service, and more. Stay up-to-date with legal requirements to build trust with users. Ideal for startups and small businesses, provides a quick and intuitive way to generate essential legal documents, including privacy policies and terms of service.

SecurePrivacy: Simplify compliance with SecurePrivacy, offering tools to create GDPR, CCPA, and ePrivacy-compliant privacy policies. Ensure your website or app adheres to global data protection regulations effortlessly.


Navigate the regulatory landscape effectively with these Iubenda alternatives, ensuring your business remains legally protected and trustworthy.

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