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What is Keevi

Keevi is an online video editing platform designed to cater to both beginners and professionals.

It simplifies the process of creating engaging video content through a suite of tools that support tasks such as adding subtitles, cutting, merging, and editing videos.

Keevi allows users to repurpose video content for various social media platforms, helping to enhance viewer engagement and extend content reach.

The platform stands out for its beginner-friendly interface, making it accessible for anyone to create professional-quality videos without prior experience.

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Keevi Plans and Pricing

Keevi’s pricing is tailored to suit startups and emerging agencies. With three plans – Basic, Pro, and Business- you can explore their monthly and annual pricing options by clicking the button below.

Keevi Use Cases

Unlock the power of visual storytelling with Keevi – an innovative online video editing platform. From social media marketing to educational content creation, Keevi empowers users to captivate audiences and drive engagement through compelling video experiences.
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Social Media Marketing: Keevi simplifies the process of creating and editing videos for social media platforms, enabling businesses to effectively communicate their brand messages and engage their audience through visually compelling content.

Educational Content Creation: Teachers and educators can utilize Keevi to produce engaging educational videos, incorporating subtitles, images, and other multimedia elements to enhance learning experiences and capture student attention.

Product Demonstrations and Reviews: E-commerce businesses and product reviewers can leverage Keevi to create informative product demonstration videos and reviews, showcasing features, benefits, and use cases to potential customers.

Event Promotion: Event organizers can use Keevi to create promotional videos for upcoming events, capturing highlights, testimonials, and key information to attract attendees and generate excitement.

Video Advertising Campaigns: Marketers can employ Keevi to craft captivating video advertisements, optimizing content for various platforms and targeting specific audience segments to drive brand awareness and conversions.

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Who is Keevi ideal for

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Content Creators and Influencers: Keevi offers a versatile video editing platform, catering to content creators and influencers looking to produce captivating and polished videos for their audience. With intuitive tools and customizable features, Keevi enables individuals to express their creativity and enhance their online presence.

Marketing Teams and Agencies: Designed to streamline video content creation, Keevi is perfect for marketing teams and agencies seeking to engage audiences through compelling visual storytelling. Whether it’s social media campaigns, product demos, or promotional videos, Keevi provides the tools to craft impactful content and drive brand awareness.

Educators and Trainers: Keevi serves as an invaluable resource for educators and trainers looking to enhance their teaching materials with engaging video content. From instructional videos to course presentations, Keevi offers a user-friendly platform for creating educational content that captivates learners and facilitates effective knowledge transfer.

Small Businesses and Startups: With its accessible interface and versatile editing capabilities, Keevi is an ideal solution for small businesses and startups seeking to elevate their online presence. From product demonstrations to brand storytelling, Keevi empowers businesses to create professional-quality videos that resonate with their target audience.

Freelancers and Creative Professionals: Freelancers and creative professionals benefit from Keevi’s intuitive video editing tools, allowing them to showcase their skills and portfolio in a visually compelling manner. Whether it’s video resumes, portfolio showcases, or client presentations, Keevi offers the flexibility and functionality to bring creative visions to life.

Key Features

  • tick-markSubtitle Addition
  • tick-markVideo Cutting and Merging
  • tick-markBackground Removal
  • tick-markCustom Image Addition
  • tick-markText Overlay
  • tick-markAudio Addition
  • tick-markVideo Format Support
  • tick-markSocial Media Platform Integration
  • tick-markAutomatic Subtitle Generation
  • tick-markBeginner-Friendly Interface

Keevi alternatives and competitors

Looking to explore alternatives to Keevi for your video editing needs? Dive into the world of Clipchamp, InVideo, Animoto, FlexClip, and Filmora to discover powerful tools that enhance your video creation experience and drive engagement with your audience.
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Clipchamp:  A rapidly growing video editing platform offering intuitive features for both beginners and professionals alike.

InVideo:  A well-established player in the online video editing space, providing a wide range of tools and templates for creating engaging videos.

Animoto:  Known for its comprehensive set of features and user-friendly interface, Animoto is a popular choice for businesses and individuals looking to create polished video content.

FlexClip:  Renowned for its versatility and ease of use, FlexClip offers a range of customizable templates and editing tools to streamline the video creation process.

Filmora: With its powerful editing capabilities and extensive library of effects and transitions, Filmora is favored by content creators and filmmakers seeking professional-grade results.


Explore these Keevi alternatives to find the perfect fit for your video editing requirements, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, and unlock a world of creativity and efficiency in your content creation journey.

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