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What is LiveChat

LiveChat is a customer engagement platform designed to facilitate real-time communication between businesses and their website visitors.

Acting as a live chat software, LiveChat empowers sales and support teams to connect with potential customers seamlessly. It goes beyond conventional communication methods, offering features to enhance customer interactions.

LiveChat assists businesses in various aspects of customer engagement. From initiating conversations with website visitors to resolving queries in real-time, LiveChat streamlines the communication process.

It covers key elements of effective customer engagement, including proactive chat initiation, personalized responses, and efficient issue resolution.

LiveChat Plans and Pricing

LiveChat’s pricing is crafted to accommodate startups and emerging agencies with four tailored plans: Starter, Team, Business, and Enterprise. For a detailed overview of monthly and annual pricing, simply click on the button below.

LiveChat Use Cases

LiveChat is a customer engagement platform with a multitude of applications, catering to businesses and teams seeking effective real-time communication. Here are some key use cases:

Proactive Customer Support: LiveChat enables businesses to provide proactive and immediate customer support on their websites. Whether it’s answering product queries, troubleshooting issues, or guiding users through the purchase process, LiveChat ensures a seamless and personalized support experience.

Sales Assistance: Businesses can use LiveChat as a powerful sales tool to engage with website visitors, answer product-related questions, and assist potential customers in making informed purchase decisions. The platform facilitates real-time communication to enhance the overall sales process.

Lead Generation: LiveChat serves as an effective lead generation tool by capturing and qualifying leads in real-time. By engaging with website visitors and initiating conversations, businesses can identify potential customers and gather valuable information for follow-up.

Appointment Scheduling: LiveChat can be integrated into appointment scheduling workflows, allowing businesses to engage with customers and assist them in booking appointments, consultations, or services directly through the chat interface.

Customer Feedback and Surveys: Businesses can use LiveChat to gather customer feedback and conduct surveys. By initiating conversations with customers post-purchase or post-service, businesses can gain valuable insights, assess customer satisfaction, and identify areas for improvement.

Who is LiveChat ideal for

Customer Support Teams: LiveChat is a perfect fit for customer support teams aiming to provide immediate assistance and seamless communication with website visitors. It enhances the support process, ensuring customer queries are addressed promptly.

Sales Professionals: For sales professionals looking to engage with potential customers in real-time, LiveChat provides a powerful tool to facilitate conversations, answer queries, and guide prospects through the sales journey.

E-commerce Businesses: E-commerce businesses benefit from LiveChat as it enables them to offer live assistance during the customer’s purchasing process. This is particularly valuable for resolving product queries, facilitating transactions, and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Lead Generation: LiveChat serves as an effective tool for lead generation by initiating conversations with website visitors, capturing leads in real-time, and gathering valuable information for further engagement and follow-up.

Service-Based Businesses: Businesses offering services, such as consulting or appointments, can leverage LiveChat to engage with clients, answer inquiries, and facilitate service bookings directly through the chat interface.

Key Features

  • tick-markReal-Time Chat
  • tick-markCustomizable Chat Widgets
  • tick-markFile Sharing
  • tick-markVisitor Tracking
  • tick-markCanned Responses
  • tick-markChat Transcripts
  • tick-markTicketing System Integration
  • tick-markMulti-language Support
  • tick-markMobile Accessibility
  • tick-markReporting and Analytics

LiveChat alternatives and competitors

If you’re looking for alternatives to LiveChat or seeking recurring options while avoiding the wait for exclusive deals, consider these noteworthy alternatives in the real-time communication space:
Lifetime access to LiveChat

Intercom: Intercom is a customer messaging platform that offers live chat, automated messaging, and customer support tools. It is designed to facilitate real-time communication with website visitors, improve customer engagement, and provide seamless support.

Zendesk Chat: Zendesk Chat, formerly known as Zopim, is a live chat solution that integrates with the Zendesk suite. It provides features such as proactive chat invitations, real-time visitor monitoring, and customizable chat widgets to enhance customer interactions.

Drift: Drift is a conversational marketing and sales platform that offers live chat, chatbots, and automated messaging. It focuses on personalized communication to generate leads, nurture prospects, and facilitate meaningful conversations with website visitors.

Olark: Olark is a live chat software that aims to simplify customer communication. It provides features like targeted chat, real-time reporting, and integrations with popular CRM and help desk tools, offering businesses a way to connect with their website visitors effectively.

Freshchat: Freshchat is a modern messaging software by Freshworks, offering live chat, chatbots, and in-app messaging. It is designed to help businesses engage with customers in real-time, provide instant support, and gather valuable user insights.


Just as LiveChat excels in providing a seamless live chat experience, these alternatives offer a range of features to enhance customer communication, support, and engagement. Consider factors such as customization options, integrations, and the specific needs of your business when choosing the right live chat solution for your website.

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