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What is MakeStories

MakeStories is a web story builder offering an array of features designed to streamline the storytelling process. From a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor to collaborative workspaces, the platform ensures a seamless experience for individuals and teams alike.

MakeStories goes beyond mere creation by providing top-notch publishing tools to enhance SEO for Google Web Stories.

It is embraced by publishers, marketers, and designers seeking to enhance their content creation journey. From bloggers securing impactful backlinks to HR agencies connecting with candidates, MakeStories is a versatile ally.

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MakeStories Plans and Pricing

Embark on your creative journey with MakeStories’s pricing plans designed to accommodate diverse needs. Choose from distinctive plans – To explore the details of their monthly and annual pricing, click the button below and find the perfect plan for you.

MakeStories Use Cases

From dynamic visual storytelling to interactive campaigns, discover how MakeStories transforms ordinary content into captivating narratives, making your brand stand out in the digital realm. Here are some key use cases:
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Visual Storytelling: MakeStories is your canvas for dynamic visual storytelling. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or designer, the platform allows you to craft engaging narratives with stunning visuals. Express your ideas, captivate your audience, and stand out in the digital landscape.

Brand Campaigns: For marketers, MakeStories is a game-changer in crafting compelling brand campaigns. Leverage its user-friendly interface to design visually rich content that resonates with your target audience. Elevate your brand storytelling and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Content Creation: Engage your audience with interactive content using MakeStories. The platform goes beyond static visuals, enabling you to create immersive experiences with features like quizzes and polls. Test your audience’s knowledge, enhance brand awareness, and gather valuable insights through interactive stories.

WordPress Integration: MakeStories simplifies the process of creating Google Web Stories on your WordPress website. The dedicated WordPress plugin ensures a seamless integration, allowing you to enhance your website with visually appealing and interactive stories without the need for technical expertise.

Web Stories Hosting with Ease: Migrate your Google Web Stories to MakeStories’s fast and secure web hosting. The platform provides a comprehensive solution, including web page templates, premium features, and expert support. Start easy, deploy fast, and watch your stories thrive on your website.

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Who is MakeStories ideal for

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Content Creators & Marketers: Ideal for individuals and marketing teams seeking to craft visually appealing and engaging content. MakeStories provides a user-friendly interface for storytellers, bloggers, and marketers to elevate their content game effortlessly.

Design Enthusiasts and Agencies: Perfect for design enthusiasts and agencies looking to create captivating visual stories. MakeStories offers a versatile toolkit for designers, ensuring that even without extensive resources, they can deliver high-quality, visually stunning projects using drag-and-drop functionality.

WordPress Website Owners: A valuable asset for WordPress website owners, MakeStories’s dedicated plugin simplifies the process of creating Google Web Stories directly on your website. It’s an ideal solution for those looking to enhance their website with interactive and visually appealing stories.

Small Businesses & Startups: Perfect for local businesses and startup founders with limited budgets and technical resources. MakeStories allows you to establish a beautiful online presence quickly, even with minimal technical knowledge. The startup-friendly pricing makes it an accessible and efficient choice for those just starting.

Photographers & Visual Artists: Tailored for photographers and visual artists needing a platform to showcase portfolios. MakeStories provides templates optimized for visual storytelling, and its free CDN ensures seamless hosting of heavy image files without compromising website speed.

Key Features

  • tick-markDrag-and-Drop Editor
  • tick-markVersatile Templates
  • tick-markInteractive Elements
  • tick-markWordPress Plugin
  • tick-markWeb Hosting Solutions
  • tick-markAnalytics for Insights
  • tick-markSEO Boost with Web Stories
  • tick-markNo-Code

MakeStories alternatives and competitors

If you’re eager to dive into the world of visual storytelling but can’t wait for a MakeStories lifetime deal, here are some compelling recurring alternatives to explore:
Lifetime Access to MakeStories

Canva: A prominent player in the visual content creation realm, Canva offers a user-friendly platform with a vast library of templates. It’s an excellent alternative for those seeking diverse design options and ease of use.

Adobe Spark: For those who value professional-grade design capabilities, Adobe Spark stands out. With its robust features and seamless integration with Adobe’s creative suite, it’s an alternative that caters to users with more advanced design needs.

Crello: Crello is a dynamic alternative that combines simplicity with a range of design tools. It’s ideal for creators looking to craft engaging visual content with ease, offering customizable templates for various purposes.

Animoto: If animated stories are on your agenda, Animoto is a strong contender. It specializes in creating captivating video content, making it a suitable alternative for those focusing on dynamic visual storytelling.

Snappa: Known for its intuitive interface and quick design capabilities, Snappa is a straightforward alternative for users who prioritize efficiency. It’s a go-to choice for creating eye-catching visuals without a steep learning curve.


Each of these alternatives brings its unique strengths to the table, catering to different preferences and requirements. Whether you prioritize simplicity, advanced design features, or specialized animation, these alternatives provide diverse options to explore in your visual content creation journey.

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