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What is MeetGeek

MeetGeek is an AI-powered meeting assistant designed to enhance productivity and streamline communication in professional settings.

It offers automated video recording, transcription, and summarization of meetings, capturing key insights and action items.

MeetGeek supports various team sizes and business types, from startups to enterprises.

It integrates with multiple platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and CRMs, making it a valuable tool for sales teams, HR professionals, and executives aiming to optimize meeting efficiency and collaboration.

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MeetGeek Plans and Pricing

MeetGeek’s pricing is tailored to meet the needs of startups and growing businesses. With three plans – Pro, Business, and Enterprise – you can explore their monthly and annual pricing options by clicking the button below.

MeetGeek Use Cases

Unlock the potential of seamless collaboration and productivity with MeetGeek. From automating meeting documentation to optimizing team communication, MeetGeek revolutionizes how professionals harness the power of AI in their daily workflows.
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Meeting Efficiency Enhancement: MeetGeek automates video recording, transcription, and summarization of meetings, facilitating efficient documentation of discussions, decisions, and action items.

Collaboration Optimization: By capturing key insights and action items, MeetGeek streamlines collaboration among team members, ensuring everyone is aligned and informed about the outcomes of meetings.

Productivity Boost: With automated meeting summaries and transcriptions, MeetGeek helps professionals save time and stay focused on critical tasks, enhancing overall productivity in the workplace.

Remote Team Support: Ideal for remote teams, MeetGeek provides a centralized platform for seamless communication and information sharing, fostering collaboration regardless of geographical locations.

Sales and Client Management: MeetGeek’s integration with CRMs allows sales teams to efficiently manage client interactions, track meeting outcomes, and follow up on action items, enhancing customer relationship management.

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Who is MeetGeek ideal for

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Corporate Teams: MeetGeek streamlines communication and collaboration for corporate teams, facilitating efficient meeting management and productivity enhancement.

Sales Teams: Ideal for sales professionals, MeetGeek optimizes client interactions through automated meeting documentation and insightful analytics, ensuring effective sales strategies.

HR Departments: MeetGeek revolutionizes HR operations by automating interview scheduling, candidate assessments, and team training sessions, enhancing recruitment processes and employee development.

Executive Leadership: MeetGeek provides executives with valuable insights and summaries from meetings, empowering strategic decision-making and fostering organizational alignment.

Remote Workforces: Perfect for remote teams, MeetGeek facilitates seamless virtual collaboration, enabling dispersed teams to stay connected and productive across various time zones and locations.

Key Features

  • tick-markAI-Powered Meeting Assistant
  • tick-markAutomated Video Recording
  • tick-markTranscription of Meetings
  • tick-markMeeting Summarization
  • tick-markIntegration with Zoom
  • tick-markIntegration with Google Meet
  • tick-markCRM Integration
  • tick-markVersatility for Various Team Sizes
  • tick-markReal-Time Collaboration
  • tick-markAction Item Tracking

MeetGeek alternatives and competitors

Looking for alternatives to MeetGeek to enhance your meeting productivity and collaboration? Explore platforms like Otter.AI, Fathom, Gong, tl;dv, and Avoma, offering diverse features to streamline meeting management and improve team efficiency.
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Otter.AI: A notable player in the meeting transcription and note-taking space, Otter.AI offers AI-powered transcription services to capture and summarize meeting discussions, enhancing productivity and knowledge retention.

Fathom: Focused on providing advanced meeting analytics and insights, Fathom helps teams analyze meeting data to identify trends, improve decision-making, and optimize collaboration strategies.

Gong: Renowned for its conversation intelligence platform, Gong offers AI-driven insights to help sales teams analyze customer interactions, improve communication effectiveness, and drive revenue growth.

Avoma: A comprehensive meeting automation platform, Avoma assists teams in scheduling, recording, transcribing, and analyzing meetings to streamline collaboration, drive accountability, and enhance productivity.

tl;dv:  Specializing in meeting summary automation, tl;dv automatically generates concise summaries of meetings, enabling teams to quickly review key points and action items without having to rewatch or reread lengthy recordings.


Explore these MeetGeek alternatives to find the perfect fit for your team’s meeting needs, whether it’s advanced AI transcription, in-depth analytics, or simplified meeting summaries. With a range of options available, you can boost productivity and collaboration in your organization with the right meeting management tool.

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