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What is Perdoo

Perdoo is an online platform designed to optimize strategic goal setting and management through the OKR framework, facilitating organizations to define and track objectives and key results.

It integrates tools for goal alignment, progress tracking, and performance analysis to ensure teams focus on achieving strategic outcomes.

By combining elements of strategy planning and execution in one interface, Perdoo helps organizations align their efforts, promoting transparency and accountability while supporting continuous improvement in their operational and strategic endeavors.

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Perdoo Plans and Pricing

Perdoo’s pricing is tailored to accommodate diverse business needs, offering three distinct plans: Free, Premium, and Supreme. For detailed information on monthly and annual pricing, click the button below to explore further.

Perdoo Use Cases

Unlock your team’s potential with Perdoo’s powerful suite of tools, designed to streamline goal-setting, foster alignment, and drive performance across your organization, ensuring strategic objectives are met with precision and efficiency.
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Strategic Planning Perdoo helps organizations in setting clear objectives and key results to align with their strategic goals, enabling teams to focus on high-impact activities that drive organizational growth.

Performance Tracking With Perdoo, teams can monitor the progress of their objectives and key results in real-time, which aids in identifying areas of success and those needing improvement, facilitating timely decision-making and adjustments.

Team Alignment and Collaboration Perdoo enhances transparency across different levels of an organization, ensuring that all team members are aware of the strategic priorities and how their work contributes to the overall objectives, fostering a more collaborative and focused work environment.

Employee Engagement and Motivation By using Perdoo, companies can boost employee engagement and motivation, as individuals see how their work directly impacts the company’s success, fostering a sense of purpose and achievement.

Change Management Perdoo can be instrumental in managing change within organizations, as it allows for setting adaptive and flexible objectives that can evolve with the changing business landscape, helping teams navigate through transitions smoothly.

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Who is Perdoo ideal for

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Organizations Adopting OKR Framework: Tailored for organizations embracing the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework, Perdoo simplifies goal-setting processes and facilitates efficient tracking of progress towards strategic objectives.

Teams Focused on Strategic Alignment: Ideal for teams seeking alignment around strategic goals and initiatives, Perdoo provides a centralized platform for defining objectives, key results, and initiatives, fostering clarity and accountability across the organization.

Companies Prioritizing Performance Management: For companies prioritizing performance management, Perdoo offers tools for monitoring progress, analyzing performance trends, and driving continuous improvement, ensuring teams remain focused on achieving desired outcomes.

Leaders Emphasizing Transparency and Accountability: Suitable for leaders who prioritize transparency and accountability, Perdoo enables clear communication of objectives, progress updates, and performance insights, fostering a culture of accountability and achievement.

Organizations Striving for Operational Excellence: Perfect for organizations striving for operational excellence, Perdoo supports data-driven decision-making, promotes alignment between strategy and execution, and facilitates continuous improvement in operational and strategic endeavors.

Key Features

  • tick-markGoal Setting
  • tick-markKey Results Tracking
  • tick-markAlignment Management
  • tick-markProgress Monitoring
  • tick-markPerformance Analytics
  • tick-markCollaboration Tools
  • tick-markFeedback Mechanisms
  • tick-markOKR Templates
  • tick-markIntegration Capabilities
  • tick-markCustomizable Dashboards

Perdoo alternatives and competitors

Looking for alternatives to Perdoo to optimize your goal-setting and performance management processes? Discover options like WorkBoard, Weekdone, Koan, and more to effectively align your team’s objectives and drive strategic execution.
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WorkBoard: Positioned as a leading enterprise OKR platform, WorkBoard offers robust features for goal-setting, alignment, and performance management, catering to organizations of all sizes.

Weekdone: With a focus on simplicity and usability, Weekdone provides a user-friendly interface for setting and tracking goals using the OKR methodology, making it suitable for teams and individuals alike.

Koan: Koan specializes in facilitating transparent goal-setting and progress tracking through its OKR platform, offering features for collaboration, feedback, and continuous improvement. Positioned as an end-to-end OKR solution, provides tools for goal-setting, alignment, and performance tracking, enabling organizations to drive strategic execution and achieve measurable results.

Betterworks: Betterworks is a comprehensive performance management platform that specializes in OKR goal-setting, continuous feedback, and performance reviews, making it suitable for organizations looking to enhance employee engagement and productivity.


These alternatives to Perdoo offer a range of features and functionalities to suit various organizational needs and preferences, ensuring effective goal management and performance tracking.

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