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What is Reviewshake

Reviewshake is a review management and generation platform designed to help businesses enhance their online presence. It empowers companies to gather and manage customer reviews from various platforms, allowing them to build trust, improve brand perception, and increase customer engagement.

With features like automated review requests, sentiment analysis, and competitor tracking, Reviewshake streamlines the process of monitoring and leveraging customer feedback. Reviewshake covers multiple aspects of online reputation management, from soliciting reviews to analyzing sentiments, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on customer sentiments.

It is utilized by a diverse range of businesses across industries, including retail, hospitality, and service-oriented sectors, to strengthen their online reputation and attract new customers. Whether you’re aiming to boost your brand’s credibility or stay ahead of the competition, Reviewshake provides a solution for managing and optimizing your online reviews.

Reviewshake Plans and Pricing

Reviewshake’s pricing is designed to accommodate startups and businesses of varying sizes. The platform offers three plans: Small, Medium, and Large. For a detailed overview of both monthly and annual pricing, click on the button below.

Reviewshake Use Cases

Reviewshake, a comprehensive reputation management platform, caters to various business needs, offering versatile use cases:

Review Generation and Aggregation: For businesses looking to bolster their online presence, Reviewshake facilitates the generation and aggregation of customer reviews from multiple platforms. This is ideal for companies aiming to build credibility and attract new customers through positive online feedback.

Sentiment Analysis and Insights: Reviewshake provides sentiment analysis tools, enabling businesses to gain insights into customer sentiments. This feature is valuable for understanding customer satisfaction, identifying areas for improvement, and tailoring business strategies based on feedback.

Competitor Tracking and Benchmarking: Businesses can leverage Reviewshake to monitor and benchmark their online reputation against competitors. This use case is beneficial for staying informed about industry trends, assessing market positioning, and strategically positioning the brand in the competitive landscape.

Automated Review Request Campaigns: Reviewshake streamlines the process of soliciting customer reviews through automated campaigns. This is particularly useful for businesses seeking to proactively gather positive reviews and enhance their online reputation.

Enhancing Local SEO and Visibility: For businesses with a local presence, Reviewshake aids in improving local search engine optimization (SEO) and visibility. This use case is crucial for attracting local customers and establishing a strong online presence within specific geographic areas.

Who is Reviewshake ideal for

Businesses in Reputation Management: Tailored for businesses focused on managing and enhancing their online reputation, Reviewshake is an ideal solution. It provides tools to solicit and analyze customer reviews, helping businesses build trust and credibility.

Service-Based Industries: Reviewshake is well-suited for service-oriented industries such as hospitality, healthcare, and professional services. Businesses in these sectors can leverage the platform to gather and showcase customer feedback, ultimately enhancing their online presence.

Local Businesses and Enterprises: Whether it’s a local restaurant or a multinational enterprise, Reviewshake caters to businesses of all sizes. Its features, such as local SEO enhancement and competitor tracking, make it versatile for different business scales.

Marketing and Customer Experience Teams: Marketing and customer experience teams looking to understand and analyze customer sentiments will find Reviewshake valuable. The platform’s sentiment analysis tools provide insights for refining marketing strategies and improving customer interactions.

Startups and Entrepreneurs: Reviewshake is an excellent choice for startups and entrepreneurs aiming to establish and grow their online presence. Its user-friendly interface and reputation management features empower new businesses to effectively manage customer reviews and build a positive brand image.

Key Features

  • tick-markReview Aggregation
  • tick-markSentiment Analysis
  • tick-markLocal SEO Enhancement
  • tick-markCompetitor Tracking
  • tick-markAutomated Review Requests
  • tick-markCustomizable Review Widgets
  • tick-markMulti-Channel Review Monitoring
  • tick-markAnalytics and Reporting
  • tick-markCustomer Feedback Management
  • tick-markFree CDN for Image Hosting

Reviewshake alternatives and competitors

If you’re seeking alternatives to Reviewshake or looking for similar solutions in the online review management space, consider the following recurring options:
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BirdEye: BirdEye is a robust reputation management platform that provides businesses with tools to gather and manage customer reviews. With features like sentiment analysis and competitive benchmarking, BirdEye helps businesses enhance their online reputation. True to its name, specializes in managing online reputation with advanced review monitoring and response tools. They excel at handling negative reviews and offer crisis management support. Simplicity meets customization with Their user-friendly interface makes it easy to launch review campaigns, while their white-labeling feature allows branding the experience for a seamless customer journey.

Yotpo: Yotpo focuses on user-generated content, including reviews and ratings, to boost brand credibility. It is a comprehensive platform suitable for businesses looking to leverage customer feedback for marketing and growth.

GrabYourReviews: GrabYourReviews is a platform designed to help businesses collect and manage customer reviews effectively. With its user-friendly interface and focus on review aggregation, GrabYourReviews serves as an alternative for businesses aiming to streamline their online reputation management.


In summary, these alternatives to Reviewshake offer a range of features and functionalities in the online reputation management domain. Whether you prioritize review collection, sentiment analysis, or competitor insights, exploring these alternatives can help you find the solution that best fits your business needs.


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