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What is Selzy

Selzy is a sales engagement platform designed to streamline B2B outreach. It empowers sales teams to connect with potential leads through personalized emails, automating follow-ups for improved response rates.

From prospect email discovery to email verification, scheduling, and automated follow-ups, Selzy encompasses key elements of the sales process. Widely utilized by B2B sales teams for client acquisition, Selzy also finds applications among bloggers for link-building outreach and HR agencies engaging with potential candidates.

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Selzy Plans and Pricing

Selzy’s pricing is designed to accommodate startups and emerging agencies, offering three distinct plans: Lite, Standard, and Premium. Explore the monthly and annual pricing details by clicking on the button below.

Selzy Use Cases

Selzy, a versatile sales engagement platform, offers a range of use cases to enhance outreach strategies and boost efficiency for various professionals:
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Lead Generation and Prospecting: Selzy revolutionizes B2B sales by providing advanced tools for lead generation and prospecting. With automated emails, it simplifies outreach, increasing the chances of acquiring new clients through personalized communication.

Link-Building Outreach for Bloggers: Bloggers harness Selzy’s capabilities to enhance their online presence through efficient link-building outreach. The platform automates the outreach process, allowing bloggers to connect with potential backlink opportunities and strengthen their SEO strategies.

Candidate Outreach for HR Agencies: Selzy offers HR agencies an effective solution for candidate outreach and engagement. By automating communication processes, it streamlines recruitment efforts, ensuring seamless interaction with potential candidates and facilitating efficient hiring.

Event Promotion: Event organizers leverage Selzy to promote events through targeted and personalized email campaigns. The platform facilitates strategic communication with attendees and stakeholders, optimizing event promotion efforts for successful outcomes.

Product Launch Campaigns: Businesses planning product launches find Selzy instrumental in executing comprehensive email campaigns. From initial product announcements to follow-ups, Selzy ensures effective communication with the audience, maximizing engagement during critical product launch phases.

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Who is Selzy ideal for

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Sales and Outreach Professionals: Selzy caters to sales and outreach professionals, providing advanced tools for effective lead generation, prospecting, and personalized email outreach. Ideal for those seeking streamlined communication processes to boost client acquisition and engagement.

Content Creators and Bloggers: Tailored for content creators and bloggers, Selzy facilitates efficient link-building outreach. Whether you’re a solo blogger or part of a content team, Selzy’s automated features simplify the outreach process, helping you secure valuable backlinks and enhance online visibility.

HR and Recruitment Agencies: Selzy is an invaluable solution for HR professionals and recruitment agencies. It streamlines candidate outreach and engagement, automating communication processes to ensure a seamless recruitment experience and efficient hiring practices.

Event Organizers: Event organizers benefit from Selzy’s capabilities in promoting events through targeted email campaigns. From announcements to follow-ups, Selzy’s automation features enhance event promotion efforts, ensuring effective communication with attendees and stakeholders.

Product Managers and Marketers: Businesses planning product launches or marketing campaigns find Selzy essential. It offers a comprehensive platform for executing strategic email campaigns, maximizing audience engagement during critical phases like product launches or promotional events.

Key Features

  • tick-markEmail Campaigns
  • tick-markMarketing Automation
  • tick-markContact Management
  • tick-markA/B Testing
  • tick-markAnalytics and Reporting
  • tick-markDrag-and-Drop Editor
  • tick-markPersonalization
  • tick-markLanding Pages
  • tick-markSegmentation
  • tick-markIntegrations

Selzy alternatives and competitors

If you’re seeking alternatives to Selzy for your email marketing needs, this curated list introduces robust options such as MailerLite, Mailchimp, SendPulse, Constant Contact, and Instantly. Dive into their unique features and find the perfect fit to enhance your email communication strategy and marketing endeavors.
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MailerLite: For a user-friendly email marketing experience, MailerLite stands out with its intuitive interface and automation features, making it a compelling alternative to Selzy.

Mailchimp: As a well-established platform, Mailchimp offers a comprehensive suite of email marketing tools, making it a reliable choice and strong competitor to Selzy.

Brevo: Known for its multifunctional approach, Brevo provides email, SMS, and web push services, offering a versatile alternative to Selzy for diverse communication channels.

Constant Contact: Focused on simplicity and effectiveness, Constant Contact is an excellent alternative to Selzy, catering to businesses with its user-friendly interface and marketing automation capabilities.

Instantly: Positioned as a rapidly growing player in outreach and prospecting, Instantly offers innovative solutions for effective lead generation, making it a dynamic alternative to Selzy.


In the realm of email marketing and communication, these alternatives to Selzy, including MailerLite, Mailchimp, SendPulse, Constant Contact, and Instantly, offer diverse features and capabilities to cater to various business needs, ensuring users have a range of reliable options to choose from.

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