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What is is an email signature management tool designed to streamline email communication and enhance brand representation.

It simplifies the process of creating and deploying professional email signatures across teams, ensuring consistency and professionalism in every email interaction. enables users to effortlessly manage and update email signatures, providing a seamless solution for businesses, professionals, and organizations aiming to optimize their email branding and communication strategies.

dollar icon Plans and Pricing’s pricing is designed to accommodate startups and small agencies. They offer three plans: Free, Individual, and Company. Click the button below to explore their monthly and annual pricing options.
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Unlock the potential of email communication with’s versatile use cases, tailored to enhance productivity, professionalism, and brand consistency. From streamlining email signatures to amplifying marketing campaigns, empowers businesses with robust solutions for effective email management.
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Professional Branding: Create consistent and visually appealing email signatures across your organization to enhance brand identity and professionalism in all email communications.

Marketing Campaigns: Utilize email signatures as a marketing tool by including promotional banners, links to social media profiles, and calls to action, effectively leveraging every email sent as a marketing opportunity.

Legal Compliance: Ensure legal compliance and standardization by centrally managing email signatures, incorporating necessary disclaimers, and adhering to industry regulations, particularly in sectors such as finance, legal, and healthcare.

Employee Onboarding: Simplify the onboarding process for new employees by providing them with pre-configured email signatures, reducing manual effort and ensuring consistency in branding from day one.

Event Promotion: Promote upcoming events, webinars, or product launches by embedding event banners or links in email signatures, maximizing visibility and engagement among recipients.

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Who is ideal for

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Corporate Enterprises: is tailored for corporate enterprises seeking to maintain consistent brand representation across all email communications. It offers centralized management of email signatures to ensure uniformity and professionalism.

Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs): Ideal for SMBs looking to enhance their professional image, provides an easy-to-use solution for creating and deploying customized email signatures without the need for extensive design expertise.

Sales and Marketing Professionals: caters to sales and marketing professionals who aim to leverage email signatures as a marketing tool. With features for incorporating promotional banners, social media links, and call-to-action buttons, it helps drive engagement and lead generation.

Legal and Compliance Teams: For organizations with strict legal and compliance requirements, offers tools for embedding necessary disclaimers and regulatory information within email signatures, ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations.

HR and Employee Onboarding: HR departments can benefit from’s capabilities for streamlining employee onboarding processes. By providing pre-configured email signatures to new hires, HR teams can ensure consistent branding and messaging from the outset.

Key Features

  • tick-markCustomizable Email Signatures
  • tick-markUser-Friendly Interface
  • tick-markTemplate Library
  • tick-markMobile Responsiveness
  • tick-markAnalytics and Tracking
  • tick-markIntegration with Email Clients
  • tick-markCentralized Management
  • tick-markBrand Consistency
  • tick-markLegal Compliance
  • tick-markImage and Logo Support alternatives and competitors

Looking to enhance your email signature management? Discover alternatives to Explore these alternatives to for enhanced email signature management and branding solutions tailored to your specific needs and Newoldstamp and Sigilium, offering customizable templates and advanced features for efficient email communication and branding.
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WiseStamp: A popular choice in the email signature management space, WiseStamp offers customizable email signature templates and features for promoting social profiles and marketing campaigns.

Newoldstamp: Known for its user-friendly interface and advanced customization options, Newoldstamp enables users to create professional email signatures with ease. It also offers analytics to track email signature performance.

Exclaimer: With a focus on enterprise-level email signature management, Exclaimer provides scalable solutions for ensuring brand consistency and regulatory compliance across large organizations.

Sigstr: Sigstr specializes in email signature marketing, offering tools for incorporating targeted banner ads and promotional content into email signatures to drive engagement and conversions.

Xink: Designed for businesses of all sizes, Xink simplifies email signature management with centralized control and automation features. It also integrates seamlessly with popular email platforms like Microsoft Outlook and Gmail.

Sigilium: Sigilium is a versatile email signature management platform that caters to organizations of all sizes. It offers features such as banner ad integration, legal disclaimer management, and analytics for tracking email signature performance.


Explore these alternatives to for enhanced email signature management and branding solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


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