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What is Socialinsider

Socialinsider is a social media analytics platform designed to empower businesses and marketers with actionable insights. It provides in-depth analytics to enhance social media performance and strategy.

Covering various aspects of social media management, Socialinsider enables users to track and analyze metrics such as engagement, reach, and audience demographics. The platform goes beyond basic analytics, offering features like competitor analysis, content performance measurement, and campaign tracking.

Socialinsider is utilized by businesses and marketing professionals to refine their social media strategies, understand audience behavior, and optimize content for better results.

Whether it’s measuring the impact of campaigns or staying ahead of the competition, Socialinsider serves as a valuable tool for businesses aiming to maximize their social media presence.

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Socialinsider Plans and Pricing

Socialinsider’s pricing is designed to accommodate startups and emerging agencies. The platform offers four distinct plans – Adapt, Optimize, Predict, and Enterprise. For a detailed overview of both monthly and annual pricing, simply click on the button below. Explore the pricing options and select the plan that best suits your social media analytics needs.

Socialinsider Use Cases

Socialinsider, a powerful social media analytics platform, serves diverse needs across the digital landscape. Here are some key use cases:
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Performance Optimization: Socialinsider helps businesses refine their social media strategies by providing insights into post performance, audience engagement, and content effectiveness. Users can optimize their social media presence based on data-driven analytics.

Competitor Analysis: Businesses can utilize Socialinsider for comprehensive competitor analysis. By understanding competitors’ social media strategies, content performance, and audience engagement, organizations can refine their own approaches and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Content Strategy Refinement: Socialinsider aids marketers in refining their content strategies. By analyzing the performance of various types of content, businesses can identify what resonates with their audience, leading to more effective and engaging social media campaigns.

Campaign Tracking: Marketers can use Socialinsider to track the performance of social media campaigns. The platform provides insights into reach, engagement, and conversions, enabling businesses to assess the success of their campaigns and make data-driven adjustments.

Audience Insight for Better Targeting: Socialinsider offers detailed audience demographics and behavior analytics. Marketers can leverage this information to better understand their audience, tailor content to specific demographics, and enhance targeting for improved engagement.

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Who is Socialinsider ideal for

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Digital Marketing Agencies: Tailored for digital marketing agencies, Socialinsider offers a robust platform for comprehensive social media analytics. Agencies can effortlessly analyze and showcase campaign performance, fostering transparent communication with clients without extensive resources.

In-house Marketing Teams: Ideal for in-house marketing teams, Socialinsider provides a centralized hub for analyzing cross-channel social media performance. Real-time data sharing and customizable analytics templates enhance collaboration, ensuring teams stay well-informed and focused on strategic decision-making.

Individual Marketers and Freelancers: Socialinsider caters to individual marketers and freelancers, offering a user-friendly solution with customizable analytics templates. Whether you’re a solo professional or a freelancer without a dedicated team, the platform enables efficient creation of insightful reports, eliminating the need for extensive design resources.

Businesses Aiming for Social Media Excellence: For businesses aiming to excel in social media, Socialinsider is a valuable tool. It provides deep insights into social media strategies, competitor analysis, and audience engagement, helping businesses refine their approach and achieve better results.

Startups with Limited Resources: Startup founders with lean teams can swiftly establish a formidable online presence using Socialinsider. The platform offers intuitive tools for data-driven decision-making, empowering startups to showcase their social media performance without the need for an in-house developer.

Key Features

  • tick-markSocial Media Analytics
  • tick-markCompetitor Analysis
  • tick-markAudience Demographics
  • tick-markContent Performance Tracking
  • tick-markSocial Media Campaign Insights
  • tick-markPost Engagement Metrics
  • tick-markHashtag Analysis
  • tick-markCross-Platform Analytics
  • tick-markReporting and Dashboards
  • tick-markHistorical Data Comparison

Socialinsider alternatives and competitors

If you’re exploring alternatives to or seeking comparable solutions in the social media analytics space, consider the following options:
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Zoho Social: Zoho Social is a comprehensive social media management platform that offers analytics, publishing, and monitoring tools. It caters to businesses looking for a unified solution to manage and analyze their social media presence.

Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a widely-used social media management platform that provides analytics, scheduling, and monitoring features. It is suitable for businesses and marketers aiming to streamline their social media activities.

Brandwatch: Brandwatch is a social listening and analytics platform that helps businesses understand their brand perception. It is ideal for those seeking in-depth insights into social media conversations and trends.

Buffer: Buffer is a social media management tool that includes analytics features for tracking post performance, engagement, and audience insights. It is user-friendly and suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Sprout Social: Sprout Social is a social media management and analytics platform designed to assist businesses in managing their social media presence. It offers features for engagement, publishing, and analytics.


Each of these alternatives comes with its unique set of features, strengths, and pricing models. Consider your specific needs and preferences to choose the social media analytics solution that aligns best with your goals.

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