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What is is a customizable start page and bookmark manager that helps users organize their online activities and access their favorite websites with ease.

It allows users to create personalized dashboards with widgets, bookmarks, and RSS feeds, enhancing productivity and efficiency. covers various aspects of online organization, from bookmark management to news aggregation and task tracking.

It empowers users to streamline their internet browsing experience and stay organized across multiple devices.

dollar icon Plans and Pricing’s pricing is designed to cater to individuals and teams seeking efficient online organization tools. With three plans available – Personal Pro, Team, and Enterprise – ensures flexibility for users at every stage. To explore monthly and annual pricing options, click on the button below.
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Unlock the full potential of your online productivity with – the ultimate customizable start page and bookmark manager. From personalized dashboards to streamlined project management, empowers users to organize their digital lives and maximize efficiency with ease.
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Personal Dashboard: serves as a customizable start page, allowing individuals to create personalized dashboards with their favorite websites, bookmarks, and RSS feeds. It helps users streamline their internet browsing experience and access important information quickly.

Project Management: can be used as a central hub for project management, where teams can create shared dashboards with project-related resources, documents, and task lists. It facilitates collaboration and ensures everyone has access to the latest project updates and resources.

News Aggregation: aggregates news from various sources and allows users to create custom news feeds on their dashboards. It enables users to stay informed about industry trends, current events, and other relevant news topics.

Bookmark Management: provides a robust bookmark management system, allowing users to organize their bookmarks into folders and categories. It serves as a centralized repository for storing and accessing frequently visited websites and online resources.

Task Tracking: can be used to track tasks and to-do lists, with users creating widgets or bookmarks for task management tools or project management platforms. It helps individuals and teams stay organized and focused on their priorities.

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Busy Professionals and Entrepreneurs: Tailored for professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to optimize their online productivity, offers a customizable start page and bookmark manager. It enables individuals to organize their online activities, access frequently visited websites, and stay focused on their priorities.

Project Managers and Team Leaders: Ideal for project managers and team leaders looking to streamline collaboration and information sharing, serves as a centralized hub for project resources, task lists, and team communication. It facilitates efficient project management and ensures everyone stays on the same page.

Students and Educators: For students and educators, provides a platform for organizing study materials, accessing educational resources, and managing research projects. With customizable dashboards and bookmark management features, helps students stay organized and focused on their academic goals.

Online Researchers and Content Creators: Online researchers and content creators can benefit from’s ability to aggregate news, organize research materials, and store reference links. It serves as a valuable tool for gathering information, brainstorming ideas, and planning content creation strategies.

Tech-savvy Individuals and DIY Enthusiasts: Perfect for individuals who enjoy customizing their digital experience, offers a range of widgets, themes, and customization options to suit personal preferences. Whether for organizing hobbies, tracking personal goals, or exploring new interests, empowers users to create personalized online environments tailored to their unique needs and interests.

Key Features

  • tick-markCustomizable Start Page
  • tick-markBookmark Organization
  • tick-markNews Feed Integration
  • tick-markTo-Do List Management
  • tick-markBrowser Extension Support
  • tick-markWidget Customization
  • tick-markMultiple Device Synchronization
  • tick-markTheme Selection
  • tick-markCollaboration Options
  • tick-markImport/Export Functionality alternatives and competitors

Discover alternatives to for optimizing your online productivity and organizing your digital life. Explore platforms like Momentum, Speed Dial 2, Toby, Papaly, and to customize your browsing experience and streamline your online activities efficiently.

Momentum: Momentum is a browser extension that transforms your new tab page into a personalized dashboard featuring to-do lists, weather updates, inspirational quotes, and more. It offers a minimalist design and customizable features to enhance productivity and focus.

Speed Dial 2: Speed Dial 2 is a browser extension that replaces your browser’s new tab page with a customizable speed dial featuring bookmarks, to-do lists, and news feeds. It offers quick access to your favorite websites and allows you to organize your online activities efficiently.

Toby: Toby is a browser extension that helps you organize your tabs and bookmarks into custom collections, making it easy to access and manage your online resources. It offers a visual interface for organizing and categorizing your browsing history and saved links.

Papaly: Papaly is a bookmark manager and content curation platform that allows users to save and organize their favorite websites, articles, and images into customizable boards. It offers collaboration features, browser extensions, and social sharing capabilities to enhance productivity and knowledge sharing. is a bookmark manager and content organization tool that allows users to save, organize, and share their favorite online resources. It offers browser extensions, mobile apps, and collaboration features to help users streamline their online research and bookmarking process.


Whether you’re looking for a browser extension to enhance productivity, a bookmark manager to organize your online resources, or a content curation platform to save and share articles and images, these alternatives to offer a range of features and capabilities to meet your needs.

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