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What is Storylane

Storylane is a product demo platform, empowering B2B marketing and sales teams to transform their product presentations. It replaces static screenshots and prerecorded videos with dynamic, personalized demos and product tours.

With a user-friendly no-code platform, teams can effortlessly create engaging demos, tailor narratives to specific customer profiles, foster interactive engagement, and seamlessly share demos across multiple channels.

This innovative approach is particularly beneficial for marketing teams aiming for product-led growth, sales teams seeking faster deal closures through personalized demos, and product teams looking to showcase features effectively and gather valuable user feedback.

Storylane redefines how businesses captivate prospects and communicate the unique value of their products.

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Storylane Plans and Pricing

Storylane’s pricing is crafted to suit the needs of startups and budding agencies. Offering three plans—Starter, Growth, and Enterprise—Storylane ensures flexibility and scalability to align with diverse business requirements. Explore their monthly and annual pricing options by clicking on the button below.

Storylane Use Cases

Storylane’s versatile application extends across various business functions, offering impactful use cases:
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Dynamic Product Demos: Storylane empowers marketing teams to craft engaging product tours and demos that drive Product-Led Growth (PLG). These interactive presentations boost website conversions, captivate audiences, and increase qualified leads.

Personalized Sales Demos: Sales teams leverage Storylane to deliver personalized and interactive demos that accelerate deal closures. By tailoring presentations to specific customer profiles and use cases, sales professionals can effectively communicate product value.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: The platform facilitates interactive engagement, allowing customers to explore product features at their own pace, ask questions, and delve deeper into areas of interest. This level of engagement keeps prospects invested in the product.

Seamless Demo Sharing: Storylane enables teams to embed interactive demos on websites, landing pages, email campaigns, and within the product itself. This seamless sharing ensures a wider reach and enables analytics tracking to measure demo performance.

User Feedback and Product Showcase: Storylane is a valuable asset for product teams seeking real user feedback and aiming to showcase the latest features effectively. By creating compelling interactive presentations, product teams can gather insights, highlight updates, and keep users engaged with the evolving product landscape.

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Who is Storylane ideal for

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Marketing and Sales Teams: Storylane is tailor-made for marketing and sales teams looking to elevate their product demos and presentations. It enables them to capture the essence of their product in an interactive and engaging manner, driving customer interest and conversions.

Product Teams: Ideal for product teams seeking a dynamic way to showcase their latest features and innovations. Storylane allows product teams to create visually appealing, no-code interactive demos that effectively communicate the value of their product.

Marketing Agencies: Storylane is a valuable asset for marketing agencies aiming to create compelling product tours and demonstrations. The platform empowers agencies to deliver personalized, no-code demos that align with client profiles and use cases.

Startups and Small Businesses: Startups and small businesses with lean teams can leverage Storylane to establish a strong online presence. The platform’s intuitive, no-code features make it accessible for non-techy founders, enabling them to showcase their product effectively without extensive resources.

Individual Entrepreneurs and Freelancers: For individual entrepreneurs and freelancers without dedicated teams, Storylane offers a user-friendly solution. With customizable templates and a no-code approach, it allows them to create professional and engaging product demos efficiently, eliminating the need for extensive design resources.

Key Features

  • tick-markInteractive Demos
  • tick-markPersonalization
  • tick-markNo-Code Platform
  • tick-markSeamless Embed
  • tick-markBranching Storylines
  • tick-markRich Media Integration
  • tick-markAdvanced Analytics
  • tick-markMultiple Flows
  • tick-markLeave-Behind Demos
  • tick-markIntegrations

Storylane alternatives and competitors

Explore dynamic alternatives to Storylane, each offering unique features for interactive product demonstrations.
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Navattic: Navattic emerges as a strong alternative to Storylane, providing a platform for interactive product demonstrations. With a focus on personalized storytelling and seamless user experiences, Navattic is an excellent choice for teams aiming to elevate their product demos.

Supademo: Supademo competes with Storylane by offering a no-code platform for creating engaging product demos. Tailored for personalized storytelling, Supademo enables teams to craft interactive experiences that resonate with their audience.

Walnut: Walnut stands out as an alternative to Storylane, emphasizing interactive and dynamic product presentations. With features for personalized storytelling and a user-friendly interface, Walnut caters to teams seeking effective ways to showcase their product’s value.

Reprise: Reprise is positioned as a compelling alternative to Storylane, focusing on interactive product demonstrations. Teams can leverage Reprise to create engaging demos, guiding users through key features and delivering a memorable user experience.

Tourial: As a Storylane alternative, Tourial offers a platform for creating interactive product tours and walkthroughs. With a user-friendly interface and features for personalized engagement, Tourial is an ideal choice for teams looking to enhance user onboarding and product education.


Discover compelling alternatives to Storylane for creating captivating product demos and engaging product tours. Whether you’re looking for feature-rich platforms or intuitive interfaces, explore options like Navattic, Supademo, Walnut, Reprise, and Tourial to enhance your interactive storytelling and drive customer engagement.

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