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What is tl;dv

tl;dv serves as both an AI-powered meeting recorder and a note-taking tool, catering to users who seek efficiency in managing virtual meetings. This platform automates the transcription and summarization process of Zoom and Google Meet calls.

By providing automatic transcriptions and summaries, tl;dv ensures that users can effortlessly catch up on missed information or revisit key points at their convenience.

Whether for professional use in business meetings or educational purposes, tl;dv streamlines the post-meeting experience, making it a valuable tool for enhanced productivity and information retention.

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tl;dv Plans and Pricing

tl;dv’s pricing is designed to accommodate various users, including individuals and businesses. It offers three plans: Free forever, Pro, and Enterprise. To explore the monthly and annual pricing details, simply click on the button below.

tl;dv Use Cases

tl;dv, the AI-powered meeting recorder and note-taking tool, offers versatile applications for users seeking efficient communication and collaboration. Here are some key use cases:
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Meeting Summarization: tl;dv automates the process of transcribing and summarizing meetings on Zoom or Google Meet, providing users with concise and accessible summaries. This is ideal for professionals who want to quickly review key points or catch up on missed information.

Knowledge Retention: For educational purposes or professional development, tl;dv aids in retaining important information by providing easily digestible summaries. Users can revisit critical details without having to sift through lengthy recordings.

Collaborative Note-Taking: Teams collaborating on projects or tasks can benefit from tl;dv’s collaborative note-taking capabilities. It streamlines the process of capturing and sharing meeting insights, fostering efficient teamwork.

Training and Onboarding: In training sessions and onboarding processes, tl;dv simplifies the review of training materials. New hires can quickly catch up on recorded sessions, ensuring a smooth transition and understanding of essential information.

Quality Assurance and Feedback: Professionals involved in quality assurance or feedback sessions can use tl;dv to ensure accuracy in communication. Summarized recordings help in identifying key points for improvement and maintaining a clear record of feedback.

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Who is tl;dv ideal for

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Professionals in Fast-Paced Environments: tl;dv is ideal for professionals working in fast-paced environments where time is of the essence. Its automated meeting summarization and note-taking features cater to individuals who need quick access to key insights without spending valuable time on lengthy recordings.

Remote Teams and Collaboration: Teams engaged in remote collaboration benefit from tl;dv’s capabilities to streamline communication. It provides a centralized and easily accessible platform for remote teams to review and collaborate on meeting summaries, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

Project Managers and Team Leads: Project managers and team leads looking to enhance project efficiency and communication find value in tl;dv. It facilitates project reviews, status updates, and collaboration by providing concise summaries of discussions and action items.

Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Small business owners and entrepreneurs with limited resources benefit from tl;dv’s ability to enhance productivity. It offers a time-efficient way to stay informed about crucial business discussions and decisions without the need for extensive manual note-taking.

Sales and Client-Facing Professionals: Sales professionals and client-facing roles can use tl;dv to improve client communication. It provides a clear and concise way to review client meetings, ensuring that important details are captured and effectively communicated within the team.

Key Features

  • tick-markAutomated Meeting Transcription
  • tick-markAI-Powered Meeting Summarization
  • tick-markZoom and Google Meet Integration
  • tick-markHighlight Extraction
  • tick-markMeeting Playback
  • tick-markSearchable Transcripts
  • tick-markSummary Sharing
  • tick-markNote-Taking Assistance
  • tick-markCollaborative Editing
  • tick-markAgenda Synchronization

tl;dv alternatives and competitors

If you’re seeking alternatives to tl;dv or exploring similar tools, here are some options to consider:
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tl;dv is a notable alternative that provides AI-powered transcription and note-taking services. It excels in capturing meeting discussions and converting them into searchable, shareable, and organized notes.

Descript: Descript is a comprehensive solution for recording, transcribing, and editing audio. It allows users to edit voice recordings as easily as editing text, making it a versatile tool for those who value precision in their recordings.

Krisp: Krisp specializes in noise cancellation during calls and meetings. While it doesn’t offer meeting summarization, it is an excellent choice for professionals looking to enhance audio quality during virtual interactions. is an AI-driven meeting assistant that transcribes and analyzes conversations. It focuses on extracting actionable insights from meetings, making it valuable for teams aiming to derive key takeaways efficiently. is a transcription and audio search platform. It is known for its accuracy in converting speech to text and provides tools for collaborative editing and organizing transcriptions.


These alternatives cater to different aspects of meeting recording, transcription, and collaboration. Depending on your specific needs, you may find one of these tools to be a suitable alternative to tl;dv.

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