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What is UserGuiding

UserGuiding is an onboarding and user guidance platform designed to streamline the user experience for online platforms. It guides users through the features of a website or application, ensuring a smooth onboarding process and reducing friction in user interaction.

UserGuiding covers various aspects of user guidance, from creating interactive onboarding tours to providing in-app tooltips and tutorials. It simplifies the process of introducing new users to the platform’s functionalities and helps them get the most out of their experience.

It is employed by businesses across industries to optimize user engagement and foster a positive user journey.

UserGuiding Plans and Pricing

UserGuiding’s pricing is crafted with startups and growing agencies in mind, featuring three plans: Basic, Professional, and Corporate. Explore both monthly and annual pricing details by clicking the button below to find the plan that best fits your user guidance and onboarding needs.

UserGuiding Use Cases

UserGuiding, the onboarding and user guidance platform, offers various solutions for improving the user experience across various online platforms. Here are some key use cases for UserGuiding:

User Onboarding Optimization: UserGuiding helps businesses streamline the onboarding process, guiding users through key features and functionalities to ensure a smooth and efficient onboarding experience.

Feature Introduction: Whether you’re launching new features or updates, UserGuiding enables you to create interactive tours and in-app tutorials to introduce users to the latest offerings, maximizing user engagement.

Product Adoption: UserGuiding facilitates the adoption of new products or services by providing step-by-step guidance, tooltips, and walkthroughs, ensuring users quickly grasp the value and capabilities of the platform.

Reducing Support Queries: By offering in-app guidance and tutorials, UserGuiding helps reduce the number of support queries as users can easily find information and solutions within the platform, enhancing overall user satisfaction.

Employee Training: Beyond user onboarding, UserGuiding serves as a valuable tool for employee training, guiding staff through internal platforms, processes, and software, improving efficiency and reducing training time.

Who is UserGuiding ideal for

Product Managers: If you’re a product manager aiming to optimize user onboarding, guide users through new features, and boost product adoption, UserGuiding provides a seamless solution to enhance user engagement.

SaaS Companies: UserGuiding is ideal for SaaS companies looking to improve the onboarding experience for their users, reduce support queries, and increase overall user satisfaction by providing in-app guidance and tutorials.

E-commerce Businesses: For e-commerce businesses, UserGuiding offers a valuable tool for introducing new products or features, guiding users through the shopping process, and improving overall customer experience.

HR and Training Teams: Beyond user onboarding, UserGuiding serves as a powerful tool for HR and training teams, facilitating employee onboarding, guiding staff through internal processes, and reducing the time and resources required for training.

Startups and Founders: If you’re a startup founder or part of a lean team without extensive technical resources, UserGuiding is a suitable option to quickly implement user-friendly guidance, tutorials, and onboarding experiences without the need for coding skills.

Key Features

  • tick-markInteractive User Onboarding
  • tick-markIn-app Guides and Tooltips
  • tick-markFeature Adoption Assistance
  • tick-markUser Segmentation
  • tick-markCustomizable User Journeys
  • tick-markUser Feedback Collection
  • tick-markMultilingual Support
  • tick-markAnalytics and Reporting
  • tick-markTargeted Surveys
  • tick-markEmployee Training Capabilities

UserGuiding alternatives and competitors

If you’re eager to enhance user onboarding and guidance but can’t wait for a UserGuiding deal, check these alternatives now. Explore options like Appcues, Chameleon, WalkMe, and Pendo to optimize your platform’s user experience and engagement without delay.
Lifetime access to userguiding

WalkMe:WalkMe is a digital adoption platform that provides on-screen guidance and walkthroughs to help users navigate and interact with software applications. It focuses on improving user experience and ensuring smooth user onboarding.

Appcues: Appcues is a user engagement platform that enables businesses to create in-app experiences, user onboarding flows, and feature announcements. It helps improve user retention and satisfaction through personalized and targeted messaging.

Pendo: Pendo is a product experience platform that offers tools for in-app messaging, user feedback, and product analytics. It helps product teams understand user behavior and make data-driven decisions to enhance the overall user experience.

Chameleon: Chameleon is a product-led growth platform that allows teams to create in-app experiences, guided tours, and tooltips. It focuses on improving user activation, retention, and feature adoption through targeted messaging.

Whatfix: Whatfix is a digital adoption platform that provides interactive guides, tooltips, and in-app help to enhance user onboarding and training. It aims to reduce user friction and improve overall user satisfaction.


When considering alternatives to UserGuiding, it’s crucial to evaluate the specific features, ease of use, and compatibility with your application. Each platform mentioned above has its unique strengths, so choose the one that aligns with your goals for user onboarding, engagement, and overall user experience.

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