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What is Wrangle

Wrangle is a modern ticketing and workflow automation system that seamlessly integrates with Slack, enhancing how teams handle internal and external requests.

Its key features include a ticketing system that converts Slack messages into manageable tickets, workflow automation through a customizable no-code designer, approvals and task management within Slack,  visibility and reporting tools, and seamless integration with other platforms via Zapier.

Wrangle simplifies and streamlines business processes, allowing teams to efficiently manage requests and tasks without switching between different tools or platforms, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and workflow management.

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Wrangle Plans and Pricing

Wrangle’s pricing is tailored to accommodate startups and growing teams. With three distinct plans – Free, Pro, and Enterprise – Wrangle offers flexibility to match your organizational needs. Click below to explore both monthly and annual pricing options.

Wrangle Use Cases

Unlock the power of streamlined workflow management with Wrangle, a versatile SaaS solution designed to revolutionize how teams handle ticketing, approvals, and tasks. Seamlessly integrated with Slack, Wrangle maximizes efficiency and enhances collaboration for businesses of all sizes.
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Internal Ticketing and Request Management: Wrangle simplifies internal ticketing and request management processes for IT, HR, and operations teams. It allows employees to submit requests directly through Slack, converting messages into tickets for easy tracking and resolution.

Workflow Automation: With Wrangle’s no-code workflow designer, teams can automate various business processes such as approval workflows, task assignments, and notifications. This ensures tasks are completed efficiently and accurately, reducing manual effort and streamlining operations.

Task and Project Management: Wrangle facilitates task and project management within Slack, providing tools for assigning tasks, setting due dates, and monitoring progress. Teams can collaborate seamlessly, ensuring projects stay on track and deadlines are met.

External Client Support: For teams providing client support, Wrangle offers a streamlined process for managing client requests and inquiries. By converting client messages into tickets and automating workflows, teams can provide timely responses and exceptional service.

Reporting and Analytics: Wrangle’s reporting tools enable teams to gain insights into ticket volume, response times, and team performance. Managers can make data-driven decisions to optimize processes and improve overall efficiency.

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Who is Wrangle ideal for

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IT and Operations Teams: Tailored for IT and operations teams, Wrangle streamlines ticketing and workflow management directly within Slack. It offers an efficient solution for handling internal requests, approvals, and tasks, enhancing team collaboration and productivity.

Project Managers: Ideal for project managers seeking to automate and streamline task management processes. Wrangle’s workflow automation capabilities enable project managers to assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress seamlessly within Slack, ensuring projects stay on schedule.

Customer Support Teams: For customer support teams, Wrangle provides a simplified process for managing client inquiries and support tickets. By integrating with Slack, teams can efficiently handle external requests, provide timely responses, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs): SMBs looking to improve operational efficiency and communication can benefit from Wrangle’s easy-to-use ticketing system and workflow automation features. Wrangle offers a cost-effective solution for SMBs to centralize request management and streamline internal processes.

Remote Teams: Wrangle is ideal for remote teams seeking a centralized platform for collaboration and task management. By integrating with Slack, remote teams can stay connected, manage tasks, and collaborate effectively from anywhere, ensuring seamless workflow management regardless of location.

Key Features

  • tick-markTicketing System
  • tick-markWorkflow Automation
  • tick-markApprovals Management
  • tick-markTask Assignment
  • tick-markReporting Tools
  • tick-markIntegration with Slack
  • tick-markCustomizable Forms
  • tick-markConditional Logic
  • tick-markDue Date Reminders
  • tick-markNotification System

Wrangle alternatives and competitors

Looking for alternatives to Wrangle for streamlined ticketing and workflow automation? Explore tools like Taskade, Trello, ClickUp,, and Asana to enhance collaboration and productivity within your team’s project management processes.
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Taskade: Taskade is a collaborative task management platform that allows teams to work together in real-time. With features like customizable templates, task assignments, and chat integration, Taskade offers a comprehensive solution for streamlining project management and team collaboration.

Trello: Trello is a popular project management tool known for its intuitive Kanban-style boards. It enables teams to organize tasks, set deadlines, and track progress visually. With integrations with popular apps like Slack and Google Drive, Trello provides flexibility and scalability for teams of all sizes.

ClickUp: ClickUp is a versatile project management and productivity platform that offers a wide range of features, including task management, goal tracking, and time tracking. With customizable workflows and reporting tools, ClickUp caters to the needs of diverse teams and industries. is a visual project management tool that allows teams to plan, track, and manage projects in one centralized platform. With features like customizable dashboards, automation, and integrations with popular tools, offers a flexible and scalable solution for teams of all sizes.

Asana: Asana is a popular project management and collaboration tool used by teams to plan, organize, and track work. With features like task assignments, timelines, and project portfolios, Asana helps teams stay focused and productive, whether they’re working remotely or in the office.


Explore these Wrangle alternatives to find the perfect fit for your team’s workflow management needs, whether it’s ticketing, task management, or project collaboration. With a range of options available, you can discover the ideal solution to boost efficiency and streamline your processes.

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